Reaction over losing Amazon

Reaction over losing Amazon

Connecticut did not make the list of finalists for the location of Amazon’s second headquarters.  On Friday’s Brad & Dan Show, state Sen. Toni Boucher will provide reaction.

The Boston Red Sox are spending a weekend in Connecticut.  Red Sox GMO Alan Grossman will provide Brad & Dan with an update.

The ice blocks on the Housatonic River in Kent are making nationwide news.  State Rep. and Public Information Officer Brian Ohler will provide an update, plus Doug Evans with Arts Across Connecticut.  And Dale Bellis of LibertyHealthShare, will talk about a new way of paying for healthcare.

As always, your calls at 888-574-2723 and Cindy Weightman on traffic.  Brad & Dan will also have the latest on weather, news and sports.

Tune in Friday morning at 6:00.

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