Mayor of not-so-boring Delray Beach joins Brad & Dan

Mayor of not-so-boring Delray Beach joins Brad & Dan

When Connecticut Democratic Party gubernatorial candidate Ned Lamont answered “Look, Delray on a Thursday night is pretty boring,” to a question put to him by “Face the State’s” Dennis House, the comment made its way to Florida.  On Friday’s Brad & Dan Show, the mayor of Delray Beach, Fl., Cary Glickstein, will talk about his not-so-boring city.

Apparently, all of Connecticut’s transportation projects won’t be halted, despite a pronouncement from Gov. Dannel P. Malloy that they would.  Billions of dollars on projects will be spent, according to Marc Fitch.  The investigative reporter for the Yankee Institute for Public Policy will have the latest.

Plus, Doug Evans has Arts Across Connecticut and FOX News’ Simon Owen and Jeff Monosso file reports on President Trump and the end of youth football as we know it.

Cindy Weightman has the latest on traffic and Brad & Dan will have all the weather, news and sports.

Brad & Dan get your Friday morning started at 6:00.

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