Why you cannot place tolls at the Connecticut border

Why you cannot place tolls at the Connecticut border

As the debate for adding tolls in Connecticut revs up, some advocates are supporting the placement of tolls at the state’s borders.  Just one problem, you cannot.  On Friday’s Brad & Dan Show, Marc Fitch, investigative reporter for the Yankee Institute for Pubic Policy will explain why.  Plus, State Sen. Len Suzio, a member of the General Assembly’s transportation committee will also offer his perspective on tolls.

It’s Groundhog Day and we will get a live report from the Lutz Children’s Museum in Manchester on whether “Chuckles,” the state’s official groundhog, sees his shadow.

And live from Minnesota, FOX News’ Jared Max will have an update on the Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Plus your calls at 888-574-2723 along with Cindy Weightman on traffic and the latest in weather, news and sports.

Brad & Dan get your Friday morning started at 6:00.

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