Thursday’s Brad & Dan Show explores betting on sporting events

Thursday’s Brad & Dan Show explores betting on sporting events

When the Connecticut General Assembly’s Public Safety & Security Committee meets on Thursday, officials from MLB and the NBA will speak about betting on their games.  With a case on betting on sporting events, pending before the U.S. Supreme Court, some Connecticut lawmakers are supporting what they say would be another “revenue stream” for the state.  State Sen. Tony Hwang, R-28th, is not among them.  He will explain why on Thursday’s Brad & Dan.

Two weeks ago on Brad & Dan, award-winning meteorologist Brad Field predicted we could get a major weather event on or about March 2.  Turns out, he was right.  Field will make a return visit.

The Connecticut State Police are facing a major backlog on entering firearms purchases and transfers into the state’s data base.  This could have major implications.  State Rep. Brian Ohler, R-64th District, will explain why

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