Brad Davis Show Schedule: 8/31

Brad Davis Show Schedule: 8/31

Good Morning, Good Morning, GOOD MORNING! Here’s what’s coming up on this morning’s edition of the Brad Davis Show:

• Amy Parmenter Of Triple A will talk about Triple A drawing attention to a dangerous intersection. Parents and caregivers changing their daily routines this week with back to school and the soaring temperatures together pose an increased risk for hot car deaths. Already 36 hot car deaths this year. AAA reminding parents to slow down and “Look before you Lock” and has some Stats and Tips.

• Senator Michael McLachlan to talk about CT’s per-capita bonded obligations are the 2nd highest in America, at $10,310 for every man, woman and child. States issues a diverse array of bonded obligations, with a rage of obligations strength, revenue sources, debt services schedules and other factors.

• Senator George Logan will talk about Connecticut cost of living too high for 40 Percent of Households.

• Chip McCabe Of Hartford Dot Com will talk about the company’s mission and also what is HARTFORD.DOT COM main focus and the Ambassador

As well as sports with Eric, news of the day and your phone calls, from 5 to 9 AM, only on the Talk of Connecticut