Start you day, the right way with the Brad Davis Show! Here’s what you’ll be getting this morning:

– Senator Len Fasano will talk about how Governor Malloy’s policies drove longtime residents out of the state

– Senator Mike McLachlan will discuss how UConn says proper policies are in place. University of Connecticut department head has resigned from the school after an audit showed he approved travel expenses and compensatory time of more than $100,000 for his administrative assistant to accompany him on trips to places including Dublin and South Korea over the past few years.

– Eugene Cassidy, President and CEO of the Big E will talk about opening date and other events happening on opening day.

– Ryan Mauro, Clarion Project’s Shillman Fellow and National Security Analyst will discuss the raid on an Islamic extremist compound in New Mexico near the Colorado border that rescued 11 malnourished children. Local law enforcement authorities defied the FBI (which had been watching the heavily-armed compound for quite a while but put off going in) to rescue the kids after they received a message that the children were starving. Reliable sources have told Ryan Mauro that this is one of many such compounds spread around the country.

– Commissioner Thomas Saadi, Department of Veterans Affairs will talk about “STAND DOWN 2018”

– Your chance to win tickets to see the Million Dollar Quartet at the Warner Theater in Torrington

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