Put On A Happy Face with Brad Davis! Here’s What’s on tap this morning:

– Senator Len Suzio to Unveil Shocking Data About Malloy’s Early Prison Release Initiative. Info Was Garnered Through FOI Request Sen. Len Suzio (R-Meriden) on Tuesday released information that he received in a Freedom of Information request regarding violent crimes committed by former Connecticut prisoners who participated in Gov. Dan Malloy’s early prison release program.“The information I have received through this Freedom of Information request shows what a catastrophic failure the governor’s early prison release program has been,” Sen. Suzio said. “There have been over 14,000 serious violent crimes that have been committed by individuals who have been discharged from prison early. I’m talking about murder, rape, kidnapping, all kinds of serious assaults. The data is shocking. It shows that every single one of these crimes has been committed by a person who has not been reformed.”

– Joy Zelikovsky will be on to discuss: For more than 15 years, people from around the country have come to New Haven’s Turnbridge to receive some of the most effective treatment for substance use and mental health disorders. Eating disorder treatment is a natural and necessary extension of Turnbridge mental health services. Joy will discuss why the expansion, why co-occurring disorders are important to treat.

– Fox News Affiliate, Dr. David Barczyk, Healthy living expert will talk about how the Mediterranean Diet could prevent Depression

– Personalities Lori Hopkins-Cavanagh and Lee Elchi from our sister station in New London

– Donna Chapman will talk about the fundraiser for WILL POWER FOR VETERANS, MILITARY AND FIRST RESPONDERS COMING UP ON October 13th

– Your Chance to win tickets to see Tony Bennett on Thursday Night at Mohegan Sun AND The Midtown Men at the Warner Theater

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