Brad and Paul Schedule: December 28th

Brad and Paul Schedule: December 28th

As the year winds down, don’t forget to catch the last few episodes of Brad and Paul Show of this year. Here’s what’s on tap for this Friday:

– RICK SYNNOTT, PRESIDENT SYNNOTT TRAVEL, will talk about the upcoming 10 days trip to Italy, September 4-13, 2019— and how you can join in on the fun.

– DOUG EVANS, ARTS ACROSS CONNECTICUT, will give us an update of what’s happening in the Arts.

– ROGER HIGGINS, Roger immigrated to America from England as a child and became a lawyer. He is the author of the historical novel Billy Gogan, Gone Fer Soldier, he will talk about a Controversial Topic: Are There Parallels Between Today’s Immigrant Struggles and the Irish Influx of the 19th Century?

– MIKE MCGARRY, will talk about First Night New Year’s Eve Celebration, Downtown Hartford

All that and including Sports with Eric, Your Calls and News of the Day, from 5 to 9, only on the Talk of Connecticut!