Brad and Paul schedule: April 23rd

Brad and Paul schedule: April 23rd

Coming up on this morning’s Brad Davis Radio Program With Paul Pacelli

  • BRISTOL SENATOR HENRI MARTIN to talk about: State raiding fund meant for road repairs, money going to personnel, other costs. Taxpayers pump hundreds of millions of dollars into the Special Transportation Fund to pay for highway and transportation projects, yet all that money is barely enough to keep up with basic needs of state bridges and highways, never mind make headway.
Brad and Paul Schedule: April 18th

Brad and Paul Schedule: April 18th

Are you ready for it? The Brad Davis Show with Paul Pacelli are on live! Here’s what’s on tap this morning!

  • MICHAEL SPECIALE, CONNECTICUT TROLLEY MUSEUM DEVELOPMENT CHAIRMAN VOLUNTEER, will talk about the Isle of Safety, it’s history, how it will be restored and the campaign that’s underway to raise funds.
  • DR. JOAN VON FELDT AND SHANELLE GABRIEL, lupus warrior will discuss what lupus is and tips to help manage the disease. They’ll also talk about the importance of a community for support and the tools available to women to help them feel empowered
  • CHIP MCCABE, DIRECTOR OF MARKETING HARTFORD IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT will discuss activation of Pratt Street that starts at the end of May
Brad and Paul Schedule: April 17th

Brad and Paul Schedule: April 17th

We’ve reached the half way point of the week! Here’s your latest Brad Davis Radio Program with Paul Pacelli schedule!

  • Lee Elci and Lori Hopkins Cavanagh join in on the program!
  • Arunan Arulampalam New Deputy Commissioner, Department of Consumer Protection will talk about the Home Improvement Guaranty Fund
  • TIM BARNARD, will talk about the Meriden Daffodil Festival held each year on the last weekend in April
  • Sen. Henri Martin of Bristol will discuss how his toll forums have been going.
Brad and Paul Schedule: April 16th

Brad and Paul Schedule: April 16th

We’ve reached the end of tax season! Now you can relax, listen to Brad and Paul and go to work without worrying about that audit! Here’s what’s on tap this morning!

  • Senator Len Fasano will discuss: MORE double digit raises for MORE State Lawyers? Last month, Connecticut Democrats approved 11% pay hikes for lawyers who work for the state attorney general and stipends of $6,000 – $12,000 for department heads.  Now, the legislature is considering MORE raises for MORE lawyers. This time it’s the state’s tax attorneys who would get an 11.6% wage increase. The legislature’s vote on this contract will occur this Wednesday
  • Dr. Ivan Misner, coauthor of the new book Who’s in Your Room? The Secret To Creating Your Best Life. Founder of, the world’s largest networking organization will talk about:  How To Say NO Without Feeling Like A Jerk: We all need a little more down time as the whole work/life balance thing can be elusive. But when you have demands on your time coming out of the woodwork, how do you decide what obligations to accept? What’s the best way to say “no” to someone without sounding or feeling like a bad person? What if they don’t take no for an answer? How do you deal with people who don’t respect your time and space?
  • Jomo Mutegi PhD, Science Education Associate Professor who advocates for STEM education for people of color will discuss, 5 Ways To Get Your Kids Interested In STEM: According to USA Today, future jobs with security and good pay are in STEM – science, technology engineering and math fields.So how can you encourage your kids to pursue these interests?

    What can parents do outside of schoolwork to create a love for science and technology?

    What activities are best for elementary kids?

    What about teens?

    How can teachers nurture a student’s natural curiosity?

  • Christine Looby, Executive Director, The Mercy Community of McAuley, will give update on what’s going on at McAuley
Brad and Paul Schedule: April 15th

Brad and Paul Schedule: April 15th

Start your week with Brad Davis and Paul Pacelli in a recap of the toll rally and events from this weekend! Here’s what’s on tap this morning!

  • LEN SUZIO, FORMER STATE SENATOR will share two announcements this week that should have a dramatic impact on tolls debate.
  • DAVID LIGHTMAN, National Political Correspondent and Veteran Congressional Reporter for McClatchy Newspapers, will update us on National news.
  • REPRESENTATIVE LAURA DEVLIN, to discuss: Not only will commuters be impacted, but local companies that have drivers will be as well, like (Meriden-based) Tuxis Ohrs Fuel. The family owned business delivers gas and home heating oil, and their trucks drive about 2 million miles a year. “We are getting very nervous, we estimate the cost to our business to about $400,000 in tolls,” said Kate Childs, who runs the business with her father.
  • CORISE MORRISON, WEATHER DAMAGE EXPERT AND EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF RESIDUAL MARKETS FOR USAA. Just in time for flooding season, Corise Morrison an expert to share timely information about being prepared!
Brad and Paul Schedule: April 10th

Brad and Paul Schedule: April 10th

Good Wednesday Morning Everyone, here’s whats on tap this morning!

-Lori Hopkins-Cavanagh and Lee Elci from our sister station, 94.3 News Now will be aboard to talk about the latest news around the state and the nation!

– HEATHER BALE, COMMUNITY LIAISON FOR ICARE will talk about Parkinson Awareness Month

– WALLINGFORD REPUBLICAN STATE REP CRAIG FISHBEIN. He’ll be discussing a Republican alternative to the current Family and Medical Leave program that’s being debated at the state capitol.

– SENATOR TONY HWANG will talk about Distracted driving and how it can kill you and cost you money.

Luke Frey on The Brad Davis Show

Luke Frey on The Brad Davis Show

Luke Frey, Associate Director of Communication for the Better Business Bureau Serving Connecticut, joins Brad to discuss the increase in puppy scams!

Brad and Paul Schedule: 4/5

Brad and Paul Schedule: 4/5

We’ve reached Friday! Now it’s time to wrap up the week with Brad and Paul! Here’s what’s on tap:

PATRICK COONEY OF BOGNER QUALITY MEATS, will talk about being local and how Bogner Meats have had quality meats since 1942.

BARRY HOROWITZ OF NIRENSTEIN, HOROWITZ & ASSOCIATES, P.C. will talk about upcoming free Living Trust Seminars


SENATOR HEATHER SOMERS will talk about: Former Whiting Nurse Found Guilty on 8 Counts in Patient Abuse Case .A jury has found a former forensic nurse at Whiting Forensic Hospital in Middletown guilty on eight of 16 counts after two days of deliberations in a high-profile abuse case.

JOSH STIEBEL, 29-YEAR-OLD  HARTFORD AREA MIDDLE SCHOOL MATH TEACHER, and Cyclist Hit By Drunk Driver, Back to Riding 5x Per Week After New Device manages his pain. Josh will share his story with your listeners and can discuss the spinal cord stimulation technology that has gotten him back to pursuing his passion for cycling.