Happy Friday-Eve! Here’s what’s on tap for the Brad and Paul Show:

– Senator Len Fasano will talk about his letter to Tony Harp calling for a forensic audit

– Michele Riordan-Nold will talk about the U.S. Census

– Donna Swanson will talk about an upcoming fundraiser for the Focus Center for Autism and Fresh Start School

– Monica Wright will talk about the need for overnight volunteers to help offer the homeless a safe and welcoming place to stay the night. Our volunteers are what really keeps the warming center running,” Wright said. “Without volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to open our doors. They are actually the heartbeat of the warming center.”

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We’ve reached the midpoint of the week, and as such, we prepare for the climax of the Brad and Paul Show! Here’s what’s on tap for today’s show:


-Our Friends from our sister station, 94.9 News Radio, Lori Hopkins-Cavanagh and Lee Elci hop aboard to talk about a variety topics affecting the state and country.

– Congressman John Larson will talk about crumbling foundations

-Michelle Seagull will talk about drug disposal

– Your chance at tickets to see Bowzer at Mohegan Sun!


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It’s a Friday, It’s the end of the week and your final chance to catch Brad Davis and Paul Pacelli on the Talk of Connecticut! Here’s what’s on the menu this morning:

– Senator Len Fasano will be on to talk about how he has written to the University of Connecticut’s Fred Carstensen expressing displeasure with the economist’s recent press statements regarding the political elections. In a three-page Oct. 11 letter.

– Senator Eric Berthel, In these tough budget times, many listeners might be surprised to know that some of their Connecticut tax dollars have been spent on, yes, subsidizing a New Haven Tennis Tournament. Senator Eric Berthel will take a (swing) about this story.

– Eric Gjede, Despite what’s being touted by advocates, including AARP, as a solution to a growing retirement-readiness problem, the state’s controversial retirement mandate is not the answer. It’s important that residents understand the financial risks it will impart upon many Connecticut workers. Eric will talk about the state-mandated retirement program wrong for CT

– Adrienne Cochrane will give her response to the Supreme Court Justice Confirmation and Swearing In and what this means for women now, through to the election on November 6 and here-to-fore.

– Timothy Phelan will talk about the Three Exceptional Retail Businesses to be honored; Gubernatorial Candidates to Address Retailers Prior to Awards Presentation.

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Good Thursday Morning Everybody! Here’s what’s going on this morning on the Brad Davis and who will be joining Brad and Paul today:

– Senator Len Suzio will talk about how Connecticut is financially in disarray, ranking nearly last in the nation in fiscal health, according to a new report. The free-market-leaning Mercatus Center at George Mason University says Connecticut’s financial condition ranks No. 49th in the nation, as state revenues cover just 92 percent of expenses, which is below the U.S. average. Connecticut’s long-term liabilities are also higher compared to national averages, at 230 percent of total assets, or $17,418 per capita. Meantime, guaranteed, unfunded pension liabilities stand at $121.6 billion, or 48 percent of state personal income. Drawing from fiscal year 2016, the report scores states based on cash flow, current expenses and revenues, long-term spending outlook, and how tax rates, revenues and spending compare to state personal income. It also measures state debt. Under the rankings, Connecticut ranked last in cash solvency, No. 48 in budget solvency, No. 47 in long-run solvency and No. 27 in service-level solvency.

– Ryan Keating, Vice President of West Hartford’s Michael J. Keating Agency, will talk about Millennial-driven groups’ pro-Hartford sentiments aim to woo young professionals.

– Andrew Lanciotto, College student running for state rep. in 29th District. Andrew Lanciotto who is running for state representative says young voices are important. Lanciotto may not look like your average college student and he really isn’t. After he graduates with a finance degree, he’s hoping to be a state legislator. “I wanted to make sure there was a younger voice and that we could make a difference here,” said Lanciotto. Lanciotto is 21 and a senior at Central Connecticut State University. He won the Republican primary and considers himself a moderate. He supports President Trump, but not on everything and unlike the GOP candidate for governor, Bob Stefanwoski, who is promising to get rid of the state income tax, Lanciotto doesn’t think that’s realistic given the huge budget deficit.

– Tony Cherolis, Transportation Hartford Coordinator, Center for Latino Progress, will talk about ZIPCAR ONCE AGAIN TESTING THE WATERS IN Downtown Hartford.

– Joe Young, President of Joe Young Studios with Special Guest Bern Nasette Stanis(Thelma from the TV Show Good Times) will be in studio to talk about the launching of their new show for network TV – Hollywood to Hartford and to talk about Saturday’s event Celebrating Talent from Greater Hartford Connecticut who have impacted the motion picture industry.

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Avoid the Monday Blues and Start Your Week Off Right With The Brad Davis Show! Here’s what is on tap:
– Senator Toni Boucherwill talk about Tax Foundation Finds CT Falling Further into Cellar. Connecticut was ranked 47th out of 50 states for its business tax climate, a drop from 44th last year, in the latest study from the Tax Foundation. Connecticut slipped in the rankings because of new criteria the Tax Foundation is using, including changes based on revisions to federal tax law. Based on these new criteria, Connecticut would have been ranked 47th last year as well. The state actually improved compared to other states in its corporate tax ranking because of a reduction this year in the corporate tax surcharge from 20 percent to 10 percent, reducing the top marginal rate. But Connecticut is now ranked 50th for its property tax burden, and 43rd for its income tax burden. Connecticut is now one of only 13 states with an estate tax
– Our weekly feature with David Lightman from the McClatchey Newspaper
-Senator Kevin Witkos who used to be in the restaurant business, can talk about “CT Restaurant Week”.
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