The Big D!

The Big D!

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Brad Davis, Host: The man, the myth, the legend! Brad Davis is an over 50 year veteran in media. The Connecticut Radio Hall of Famer is considered one of the most legendary names in the field and his status in the state of Connecticut is nothing short of iconic.

Paul Pacelli, Co-Host: A long time member of the station, Paul joins Brad every morning from 6 to 9 AM. Paul brings his knowledge from our partner, Fox News Radio and unmatched charisma to the program.

Brian Forster, Producer/Sports: A UConn Graduate, Brian starts off the week with Brad, Monday and Tuesday, bringing the some of the most in depth sports possible, as well as looks at some of the most interesting stories around the Hartford area.

Eric Michaels, Producer/Sports: A Graduate of Southern Connecticut State University, Eric brings his love of sports to the program, as well as interesting perspectives on issues every once in a while.

Eddie Schaefer, Traffic: A veteran in the radio business, Eddie is one of the best traffic reports in the state of Connecticut. He brings enthusiasm and passion into what he does like no one else!

Donna Banks, Executive Producer: Perhaps the life line of the Brad Davis Show, Donna books a majority of the guests, and helps make the show what it is today!




“I looked out this morning and the sun was gone, Turned on some music to start my day, I lost myself in a familiar song, I closed my eyes and I slipped away” – More Than A Feeling, Boston

Here’s what you can expect this morning on the Brad Davis Show:

– DAVID KOTTLER, THE LIFE INSURANCE DOCTOR from BEACHWOOD, OHIO, will talk about the 7 Deadly Mistakes buyers Make With Their Life Insurance Policies. Is there a hidden cash value to your policy, Is it tue that 90 percent of life policies never last to maturity?

– Sen. Fasano: Lamont’s Interview Statements , Show “Stunning Cluelessness”, will talk about the following statement questioning and fact-checking Ned Lamont’s statements in a recent interview published in the Fairfield County Business Journal

– Sen. George Logan, will call to talk about New state motto? “The Sinkhole State”? Connecticut ranked 49th in the country in a new analysis of state fiscal health by Truth in Accounting because of its massive taxpayer burden of $53,400 per person, once again labelling Connecticut as a “sinkhole state.” That figure represents a $3,900 increase in the taxpayer burden from Truth in Accounting’s 2017 report. Connecticut has only $12.1 billion in assets to pay $89.1 billion in bills, leaving a $69.8 billion shortfall. Truth in Accounting noted Connecticut’s bill increased by $6.2 billion, dropping Connecticut from 48th in the country to 49.

– Jo Ann Freiberg, Ph.D., Education Consultant, School Climate, Restorative Practices, Bullying and Character Education Turnaround Office Connecticut State Department of Education, will talk about School Climate and Bullying

– Robert Mayer, Alzheimer’s Association Connecticut Chapter’s Greater Hartford Area Walk Manager and Susan Seid (sigh-ed), Greater Hartford Area Walk to End Alzheimer’s 2018 Committee Member/Volunteer, awarded volunteer of the year last year will talk about upcoming Alzheimer’s walk on October 14th

– Your chance to win tickets to see the Midtown Men at the Warner Theater on October 12th

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Put On A Happy Face with Brad Davis! Here’s What’s on tap this morning:

– Senator Len Suzio to Unveil Shocking Data About Malloy’s Early Prison Release Initiative. Info Was Garnered Through FOI Request Sen. Len Suzio (R-Meriden) on Tuesday released information that he received in a Freedom of Information request regarding violent crimes committed by former Connecticut prisoners who participated in Gov. Dan Malloy’s early prison release program.“The information I have received through this Freedom of Information request shows what a catastrophic failure the governor’s early prison release program has been,” Sen. Suzio said. “There have been over 14,000 serious violent crimes that have been committed by individuals who have been discharged from prison early. I’m talking about murder, rape, kidnapping, all kinds of serious assaults. The data is shocking. It shows that every single one of these crimes has been committed by a person who has not been reformed.”

– Joy Zelikovsky will be on to discuss: For more than 15 years, people from around the country have come to New Haven’s Turnbridge to receive some of the most effective treatment for substance use and mental health disorders. Eating disorder treatment is a natural and necessary extension of Turnbridge mental health services. Joy will discuss why the expansion, why co-occurring disorders are important to treat.

– Fox News Affiliate, Dr. David Barczyk, Healthy living expert will talk about how the Mediterranean Diet could prevent Depression

– Personalities Lori Hopkins-Cavanagh and Lee Elchi from our sister station in New London

– Donna Chapman will talk about the fundraiser for WILL POWER FOR VETERANS, MILITARY AND FIRST RESPONDERS COMING UP ON October 13th

– Your Chance to win tickets to see Tony Bennett on Thursday Night at Mohegan Sun AND The Midtown Men at the Warner Theater

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As the week rolls on, we invite you to join Brad Davis on the Talk of Connecticut! Here’s what’s on tap for this morning:


  • We’ll have someone talk about the Ribbon Cutting and Event to Announce Clinical Director and New Eating Disorder Treatment Expansion
  • International relations expert, Yvonne Davis will talk about Goodbye NAFTA, hello USCMA (United States Mexico Agreement) will also take a look at President Trump’s Foreign before the mid-term, etc.
  • Senator Eric Berthel will discuss which governor is to blame for top two tax hikes in CT history?
  • Male Breast Cancer Survivor, Bob DeVito heard the words “you have breast cancer” over six years ago after noticing a large lump under his arm. He visited his doctor and after a number of tests, including a mammogram and ultrasound, was diagnosed with Stage 3A Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.
  • Kris Foss, Managing Director of Disability Solution at Ability Beyond, will discuss Connecticut nonprofit Ability Beyond is ‘changing minds and changing lives’ by working with local & national companies to hire employees with disabilities, including veterans.  During National Disability Employment Awareness month in October, they are highlighting the talents of people with disabilities, as well as offering them opportunities through their online Career Center. They just received a $50,000 grant to further break down barriers to employment.


All that and sports with Brian, news of the day, and of course your calls! Only on the Brad Davis Show, 5 to 9 AM!

Attorney Dan Tully on The Brad Davis Show

Attorney Dan Tully talks to Brad about changes in the VA Pension structure and talks about what proactive measures can be done to help those who have served get the funding for care that they need.

Check out Dan and his services at





Before we break for the weekend, wrap up the work week with Connecticut’s Own Brad Davis! Here’s what’s on tap this morning:

– Joe Scully, President of the state’s largest trucking company coalition, the motor transport association of Connecticut, will talk about what Lamont said he would limit tolls only to tractor-trailer trucks from out of state. He estimated Tuesday this would raise $100 million per year, but has released no fiscal analysis to back up this estimate. “We are running a multi-state charity for out-of-state vehicles,” Bysiewicz said. Joe Sculley, president of the state’s largest trucking company coalition, the Motor Transport Association of Connecticut, said “There is no data to back up statements that trucks are tearing up our roads.” When asked about transportation advocates’ argument that Connecticut’s transportation system needs far more revenue than he will support, Lamont said “We can make a bit of progress on that.”
When pressed, though, Lamont’s preferred response is to focus on his opponent, noting that Stefanowski has ruled out tolls entirely and also pledged to phase out the state income tax — which would strip away roughly half of all state budget funding.

– Amy Parmenter, manager, public and government affairs greater Hartford, Triple A, will talk about the TWO New Findings from AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety: Technology – already in many cars – expected to Save almost 10,000 Lives a Year – But…Drivers Don’t Really Understand What It Can – and Cannot – Do

– Tara Willerup, Vice President of the Simsbury Free Library’s Board of Trustees is to talk about, Did the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. live in Connecticut? A group of Simsbury students set out to prove the popular suburban myth and discovered not only did he spend 2 summers working in Simsbury tobacco fields; his experience actually shaped his personal philosophies. Now the students have designed a permanent memorial to MLK that will be erected on the grounds of the Simsbury Free Library. The groundbreaking ceremony will take place on Thursday, October 11th and it has already been chosen as a destination on Connecticut’s Freedom Trail. Reps from the team of students, their teacher, staff of the Free Library and the architect are available to share this incredible piece of our state’s history to discuss the MLK memorial. Tara’s husband is the architect who helped the students design it

– Mario D’Aquila, Vice President of Assisted Living Technologies, Inc, will talk about TECHNOLOGY THAT ALLOWS SENIORS TO LIVE INDEPENDENTLY: While today’s high-tech homes are making life more convenient for everyone, for the elderly, new technology is the key for them to remain living safely in their own homes. Nurse Ron D’Aquila, VP of Assisted Living Technologies in Meriden, can explain cost-effective devices like electronic med dispensers that sound an alarm if a dose is missed, stove sensors that turn the stove off if a pot is left unattended, and wireless sensors that allow people to remain independent as their need for care increases.

– Your final chance to win Big E Tickets

– Your calls on the Brett Kavanaugh hearing

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“Today I choose life. Every morning when I wake up I can choose joy, happiness, negativity, pain… To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to make mistakes and choices – today I choose to feel life, not to deny my humanity but embrace it.” – Kevyn Aucoin

And we hope that you choose the Brad Davis Show to start your day with! Here’s what’s on tap this morning:

– Writer, Speaker and hot on the Blaze Radio in Ireland, Jonathan Dunne, will call in from Ireland to talk about how he dreams of coming to the United States, but refuses to come here illegally because he respects the country too much

– Official Republican Nominee for Lieutenant Governor, Joe Markley will talk about the incredibly slow GDP Growth in Connecticut and how the state income tax could ever be eliminated

– Senator Mike McLachlan will talk about an editorial in the Waterbury Republican-American: UConn Audit is warranted

– Your chance to win tickets to the Big E!

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No rain can postpone the Brad Davis Show! We’re here and here’s what we have on tap this morning!

– 94.9 Radio Show Hosts Lee Elci and Lori Hopkins-Cavanagh will join to talk about a variety of subjects including what radio used to be like compared to now and the Democrats.

– Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at Concordia University Travis Smith contends that “superhero” stories are not just the amusements of a misspent youth; they have serious moral significance and can teach us important lessons about the happiness of individuals and the well-being of a free society that depends on people behaving responsibly. He argues that when citizens perceive problems as too large or serious, they tend to feel powerless and look to superpowered persons in politics to do the “work of saving us through the application of coercive measures”…which results in “regulating, prohibiting, pursuing, persecuting, and punishing.” But can superheroes be good role models of ethical behavior and personal responsibility for a free society?

– Jason Giulietti, Connecticut Economic Resource Center (CERC) Vice President of Business Recruitment has been named one of North America’s Top 50 Economic Developers, according to a list developed by an industry consulting firm.

– Michele Seagull, Commissioner Department Consumer Protection in wake of storms, comsumer protection warns against charity scams

– You chance to win to tickets to the Big E!

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