Sen. Fasano remembers Carm Cozza

Sen. Fasano remembers Carm Cozza

When Senate Republican President Len Fasano appears on Monday’s Brad & Dan Show, the Connecticut General Assembly’s special session will not be the main topic of conversation.  Instead, the legislative leader will remember Carm Cozza, the Hall of Fame football coach, for whom Fasano played at Yale.  Cozza died last week at the age of 87.

Also on Monday’s Show, David Lightman of McClatchy Newspapers, talks about the latest Trump controversy.  And if you have expertise in filing income taxes, you could help the Community Renewal Team.  Find out how.

As always, your calls at 888-574-2723, along with Cindy Weightman on traffic and the latest in weather, news and sports.

Brad & Dan start your Monday morning at 6:00.

Five Reasons 2017 Made Us Want To Leave Connecticut

Five Reasons 2017 Made Us Want To Leave Connecticut

It’s 11:28am on December 21, 2017. The solstice has happened, it’s the shortest day of the year, and it is now officially Winter in Connecticut.

Although we didn’t need to wait until it officially becoming winter in order to have our first snowfall. It has felt like winter for a while now. And I’m not just talking about the weather – I mean “winter” in the existential Game of Thrones sense.

We can collectively agree that 2017 was a weird year for Connecticut. Numerous times many of us thought about just getting away from it all. You could quit your job, and just pack the car with the basic essentials and drive away and start over. But then you think “What about all our furniture – our *stuff* – and the house?! There’s too much tying us down!”

That’s simply not true. will take your house whatever the condition and give you cash for it. You just walk away from it all! And 2017 gave us lots of reasons to leave it all behind at the drop of a hat! Here’s our favorite five…

5. The Budget

Let’s start with our legislature. How long did it take for them to come up with a budget for 2017? Nearly half the year!

4. Bad Sitcoms

How about the fact that our cities can’t take jokes? Norwalk was so mad at ABC for being made fun of too much on “American Housewife” that they cried until the sitcom creators changed their ways!

3. Bills

Our taxes are going up, and our bills are going up…and soon!

2. Tolls

It’s been a good run but, tolls are definitely coming…and as if there was any doubt about what #1 would be…

1. The Guv

Governor Malloy. Now we’ve got like 47 people running for Governor.

Because that’s certainly going to be a good sign of things to come…

CT Parks Offering Free Hikes on New Years Day

CT Parks Offering Free Hikes on New Years Day

Good riddance, 2017, and bring on 2018.  For many of us, we didn’t uphold our New Years resolutions… but, here’s an opportunity to redeem ourselves.  Finally, am I right?  About 13 CT state parks in all will open New Years Day to offer free hikes. laid out the plans for this inspiring initiative.  Our state will participate in a national event aimed at helping families start off 2018 with exercise and fresh air.   It’s all part of America’s State Parks First Day Hikes.

So, 13 state parks in all will open their doors/gates for free, guided hikes.  This is an excellent opportunity to meet all those lofty “lose weight” resolutions.  Just saying.

Plus, meeting new people is always a positive, too!  Who knows, maybe you’ll find “the one” if your resolution is to stop being single in 2018.

Either way, this cost-saving event will make your New Years Day extra fun.

DEEP Commissioner Robert Klee spoke about the event:

“Whether you join a guided hike or venture out on your own, you will not be disappointed in the variety of hiking trails that our state has to offer.  Connecticut has hundreds of miles of trails appropriate for all age levels to enjoy as we celebrate the first day of 2018.”

Personally, I find this a completely wonderful idea because this event shows off Connecticut’s natural beauty.  Also, all the parks open to the public happen to be some of the state’s best.

Most of these hikes kick off sometime after noon, so there should be abundant sunshine for your hike.

Either way, if you made the promise to yourself to lose weight, you better not miss these New Years Day hikes.  You’ll meet new people while partaking in a fun and unique activity.

Be sure that your boots are safe to tread on potentially slippery pathways.  Although, it’s probably safe to bet all the hikes take place on rather easy paths.

Also, no need to worry about travelling to far for these free hikes.  The open parks seem pretty well spaced-out all across the state.  So, either pick your fave or the one closest to you to breathe in that fresh 2018 air in a couple days!

For a complete list of parks to visit on New Years Day, click HERE.

Did You Get Gift Cards You Don’t Want For Christmas? Here’s What To Do With Them.

Did You Get Gift Cards You Don’t Want For Christmas? Here’s What To Do With Them.

One of the most popular gifts that I get every year for Christmas is a stack of gift cards. Don’t get me wrong — gift cards are great because you can pick out your presents. However, sometimes it can be a daunting task, because Santa’s brought you all that you wanted or you don’t know what to do with that Starbucks gift card since you don’t drink coffee. But, have no fear — here’s a few suggestions on what to do with them.

Sell them.

If you know that you’re definitely not going to use it, why not try to sell it? There are so many sites out there that buy gift cards and use pay you cash, including Gift Card Exchange and Cardpool. I can never say that I’ve used these sites personally, but it can’t hurt to try?

Treat your friend.

You received a gift card to Dunkin Donuts, however the only problem is that you don’t drink coffee. However, I’m more than sure that you have a friend that drinks coffee. Therefore, why not offer to take them for coffee — your treat? It’s a win win situation — your friend gets coffee, you get to spend time with them, and you use the gift card. Just be sure to get yourself a donut.

Use it online.

Like clockwork, every year my cousin gives me a Barnes and Noble gift card. However, most of the time when I go to my Barnes and Noble store, I have trouble finding anything. Therefore, I buy online since they usually have what I want, and after $25, Barnes and Nobles offers you free shipping. Yay!

So, if you’re at your mall and you just can’t find anything, why don’t you try the websites? Chances are, you’ll have a better chance of actually finding something.

Buy something that you need — not want.

Sometimes, it’s not exciting buying the basics, whether it’s food or undergarments. However, it doesn’t hurt to stock up, right? After all, it doesn’t have to be an exciting purchase. And, with all of the stores running awesome sales right now, you’re sure to get a great deal.

Save it.

Who said that you have to use your holiday gift cards right after the holiday? No one. So, if you’re trying to use that Marshall’s gift card and you can’t find anything, why don’t you pocket it instead of wasting it on something you don’t love? That way, when you see something that you fall in love with, you’ll know the money went to a worthy cause.

Brad & Dan podcast- Dec. 21, 2017: Kane explains how auditors found misuse of funds

Brad & Dan podcast- Dec. 21, 2017: Kane explains how auditors found misuse of funds

Auditors have found that the administration of the Naugatuck Valley Community College in Waterbury, CT improperly used funds intended for students’ textbook scholarships to buy gift cards for employee recognition awards. In an interview with Dan Lovallo and Brad Davis, Connecticut Republican auditor Rob Kane explained what their investigation discovered.
Photo credit: scyther5/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Wrapping up Toys for Tots

Wrapping up Toys for Tots

Brad & Dan take their Friday show on the road, broadcasting at Effie’s Place Family Restaurant on 91 Park Rd. in West Hartford. It’s the wrap up to Kaman Corporation’s “Brad’s Toys for Tots Tour.”

A plethora of guests and listeners will be on this special broadcast.

As always, Brad & Dan will have updates with traffic reports from Cindy Weightman, plus weather, news and sports.

Brad & Dan’s special Friday morning broadcast gets underway at 5:00.

Street Team/Promotions

If you are the type of person that is…

The life of the party. Someone every loves hanging out with. A person who isn’t afraid to talk to new people. And can work flexible parttime hours.

Then we are looking for you!


Connoisseur Media is looking for awesome, interesting, personable and tech savvy folks to join our promotions team. Go to events, concerts, walks, runs and even mow our lawn.

Send us an email to Drew Carrano (Milford) or Suzi Klonk (Hartford) explaining why you are the best and we will be in touch.


Connoisseur Media is an equal opportunity employer.


The Internship Programs are non-salaried positions which are designed to give students hands-on experience. The programs are available to college students, working for academic credit, who are able to work approximately 10-15 hours per week for twelve weeks. Interns are trained and supervised by the department manager. Interns must be resourceful and willing to initiate projects. Good communications skills and attention to detail are important.


Are you looking to get radio broadcasting/digital marketing experience as part of your college course program?


Please send a cover letter and resume to Suzi Klonk (Hartford) or Drew Carrano (Milford)




  • Assist with social media projects designed to drive listener engagement
  • Support other marketing personnel to ensure brand continuity
  • Assist with event marketing
  • Forward thinking




  • Show Production – what it takes to air a daily live radio show
  • Marketing and Promotions – how to engage listeners via on air promos and local events
  • Interactive – how to drive listeners to our websites and social media platforms
  • Production – Learn to create compelling on air content

Account Manager/Sales

Account Manager/Sales

Connoisseur Media – Milford, CT


Interested in helping businesses connect with powerhouse radio stations to advertise their message to a huge local Connecticut audience? Connoisseur Media of Connecticut, which owns 5 radio stations, is currently seeking motivated, goal-oriented, self-starter Media Sales Representatives to drive and generate sales for our Connecticut Cluster that includes: 99.1 PLR, STAR 99.9, 95.9 The Fox, 94.3 WYBC, Mod HD, and

From radio to digital to event marketing, as an Account Manager for Connoisseur Media you will be working with current and exiting clients to help them develop and execute successful marketing plans. If you are interested in sales and marketing and want a full time position that will utilize your sales and marketing skills learn more about these positions with some of the top radio stations in Connecticut.

Current sales professionals from media or other industries and new college grads are encouraged to apply.

Applicants should: 

  • Have strong communication skills.
  • Be outgoing and motivated to connect business decision-makers.
  • Have good organizational and time-management skills
  • Hardworking, integrity, relationship-builder with a winning attitude
  • Be focused on meeting the needs and goals of clients.
  • Valid Driver’s License with vehicle

What We Offer

  • A product that you can be passionate about selling that will assist clients in growing their company
  • An opportunity to embark on an career with the fastest growing media company in the US
  • Growth, Experience, & Training
  • Recognition and reward for outstanding performance
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  • Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance package
  • 401K
  • Paid Vacation & Holidays to enjoy the fruits of your labor

Are you ready to join our winning team? We encourage you to submit your resume for consideration!

Required license or certification:

  • Driver’s License