The Talk of Connecticut
Ed Says: January 19th 2016
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After a nice 3-day weekend we return with DNC Debate talk, Bernie's health care package, water in Flint, MI and more.


In case you missed it therer was another Democratic debate on Sunday night. You aren't alone if you were doing something else. I tuned in 20 minutes late as I had completely forgotton about it. Hillary wrapped herself in Obama;s accomplishments, Bernis rolled his eyes and Martin was there.

Sanders also rolled out his health plan prior to the debate. It proposes a sweeping change to true universal health care for all. Could it actually work?

Meanwhile, Flint, MI continues its run of terrible luck as residents there have been served leaded water by ther government. The investigation continues but that is little solace to the families of those that lost one of the ten dead.

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