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Dec 20, 3-6 pm
3:00 Christa from Enfield, who has been kicking off every Friday show with a "Thought for the Day" joins Mary in-studio.
3:20 AAA's Aaron Kupec discusses holiday travel and nat'l and regional gas prices.
3:30 First Night Hartford!! Hartford's premier New Year's Eve party! Nicole Glander shares details.
4:00  Psychic Richard Jackson has predictions for the New Year! How 2014 will unfold!
5:00 CEO, Charter Oak Cultural Center, Rabbi Donna Berman.
5:30  Major Scam at Target Stores Nationwide. Paul Oster, owner of a credit repair and protection company, updates on status.

Dec 19, 3-6 pm
3:00  Karen Tocher, Clinical Sup, The Connection, non-profit org working with families who struggle with poverty.
3:30  Elder law Atty Jay Kearns, Kearns and Kearns.
4:00  New Britain native, "CATS" lead dancer on Broadway, Billy Johnstone.
5:00  "On the Money"  with Roger Cowen, Cowen Tax Advisory Group, Farmington.
5:30  Motivational speaker/author, CT's Walt Hampton.

Dec 18, 3-6 pm
3:00  Dog Listeners,  Phil Klein and Pat Wright.
3:30  Publisher of CT Mirror, Brett Orzechowski.
4:00-5:00   ~Hour devoted to Surrogate Parenting~
Anita Steenson  Head of NorthEast Surrogacy.
Christina Fenn   Local woman who was a surrogate mom for a couple not able to have their own children. 
5:00 Deacon Art Miller, Catholic Archdioceses of Hartford.
5:30  Fox CT Meteorologist Matt Scott talks weather, and being a single Dad. 


Dec 17, 3-6
3:00 The cure for the winter blues! The vast majority of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) sufferers are women.  Dr Jennifer Stagg shares what to do.
3:30  Mrs CT Lori-Ann Marchese. She and 5 other beauty queens are in a Bravo reality show, "Game of Crowns". 
4:00  Billboard award-winning musician, Jeff Pitchell. www.jeffpitchell.som
5:00  Celebrity fitness trainer Joan Pagano.
5:20  Dave Santis, Covenant to Care for Children re: their need for holiday toys for CT children's holiday.

Dec 16, 3-6 pm
3:00   The "Savvy Consumer" Korky Vann, Hartford Courant. 
3:20  Certified tarot card reader Pamela Horton with this week's universal reading.
3:30  Dr Bernie Siegel, internationally recognized expert in the field of cancer treatment and complementary, holistic medicine.
4:00  Psychologist Suzanne Gelb,PhD. "9 1/2 Days to a Happy Relationship".  www.
4:20  Success Coach Marge Piccini.
4:30  3-time National Ballroom Dancing Champion and choreographer for Dancing with the Stars, CT-native Eric Turcio.
5:30  Purple Heart Homes' Vicky Thomas shares their latest project in Canton, CT for Vietnam Vet Joe Recupero.
5:45  Rate Your Mate: Is your Spouse a Financial Bully. Relationship expert Jennifer Styers.

Dec 13, 3-6 pm
3:00   NFL's Tim Greene, star defensive end with Atlanta Falcons, and NFL commentator for Fox Sports. Tim is also inspiring teens on the importance of 'character'.
3:30  CT's Joe Turbessi, co-founder of "Finished: What's Next?", a company based on the concept of being positive, and accomplishing your goals, never settling.
4:00  CT's Theresa Standish, inspirational coach using fashion as the main tool to help women. 
4:30  CEO of CT Innovations, Claire Leonardi. CI has merged with the CT Dev Authority and Small Business Innovation group.
5:00  National homeless advocate, Jay Levy, discuss the long-term effects of chronic homelessness.
5:20  Career/executive coach, Lynn Berger.
5:30  The man who invented the "Eyewitness News" format, CT's Al Primo. 

Dec 12, 3-6 pm
3:00   Celebrity make-up artist, Patricia Parsons discusses holiday colors and trends. 
3:20  AAA's Steve Rourke, driving school, on a report citing teens text while driving significantly less often than adults.
3:50  ABC's "The Great Christmas Light Fight" features a CT family, the Smalls from Orange, CT. Chris Small joins us. 
4:00  CT-native Joe Cipriano, one of the most successful voice-over pro's in the country.
5:00  "On the Money" with Roger Cowen,  Cowen Tax Advisory Group in Farmington.
5:20  Are CT schools safer after Sandy Hook? Journalist Jacqueline Rabe.

Dec 11, 3-6 pm


3:00 Local musician/activist/author, June Archer, "YES, Everyday Can Be A Good Day!". 


3:20  The Snowball Express: Helping the children of fallen soldiers during the holidays. Dan Archer.


4:00 One of infomercials' most noted 'behind the scenes' professionals, businessman/attorney/author Michael Alden.


4:20  Free Christmas apps! Marybeth Hawkins, AT&T. 


4:30  "Overcoming Binge Eating For Dummies" co-author Marjorie Nolan Cohn. 


5:00  How, When and Why to give and accept apologies. Int'lly-recognized expert on ethics and personal integrity, Lauren Bloom. 


5:20  Financial strategist Clark Hodges discusses the Christmas shopping season and retailers.


5:30  Fitness and strength coach, Joe Carabase, founder of the M.E.L.T. workout.


Dec 10, 3-6 pm


3:00 Raising a transgender child. Playwright/screenwriter Gloria Parker. 


3:30 Universal tarot-card reading for this week. Pamela Horton.


3:30  Dr Ginegar, creator of Power Swabs.


3:50 Americans are losing their love of diet beverages, according to recent sales figures. Health advocate, Judy Gaman.


4:00 Founder of "Landfill Dogs", Shannon Johnson.


4:30 Lisa Peterson with American Kennel Club comments on purchasing puppies for holiday gifts.


5:00 Yale researcher and expert on bullying, Marc Brackett, PhD shares latest research. 


5:30 Undocumented immigrants to strain safety-net hospitals. Magaly Olivero, journalist.



Dec 9, 3-6 pm


3:00 Americans to remember Newtown at National Cathedral vigil. Journalist Ana Radelat.


3:30 Leading spine surgeon discourages patients from having surgery. Dr David Hanscom.


3:50  Weather-related cancellations affecting air travel. Travel expert Cathi Banks.


4:00 CT-native Joe Cipriano, voice of Fox and CBS comedies, the Emmy's and Grammy Award shows, and many others.


4:20  Success Coach Marge Piccini.


4:30  Children's letters to the North Pole! Maureen Marion, with Postal Service of Northeast U.S.


5:00  The 10 biggest mistakes sales people make. Sales coaching expert Peri Shawn.


5:30  Board-certified cardiologist Dr James Marcum treats the whole person, not relying on pharmaceuticals.

Dec 5, 3-6 pm
3:00  Fitting in with Mary's Dec Challenge to "Maintain a diehard Belief in Yourself!, best-selling author, Hale Dwoskin on his "Sedona Method", having to do with banishing negative thoughts and maintaining positive ones.
3:20  Exec Dir of the Governor's residence, Carol O'Shea, discusses the holiday tours of the residence beginning tomorrow.
3:30  Elder law Atty Jay Kearns.  Kearns and Kearns.
4:00  Dr Melissa Clark, author of "Excuse Me, Doctor! I've Got What?". What to do after given a serious diagnosis. 
4:20  Nov's winner of Inspirational Woman Award, Patricia Davis! 
4:30  Educator Dr. James A. Johnson discusses how a poor-performing school can be turned around in one year. "Getting to Excellence". 
4:50  State Rep Brenda Kupchik, co-chairperson of CT's Task Force on the Selling of Cats and Dogs in Pet Shops.
5:00  "On the Money" with Roger Cowen, Cowen Tax Advisory Group.
5:30 WSJ reporter Elizabeth Bernstein on "Rate Your Marriage" quiz!

Dec 4, 3-6 pm
3:00  How to have a harmonious season with your college-aged son or daughter while they are home for the holidays. Dr. Aaron Krasner, Director of the Adolescent Transitional Living Program at Silver Hill Hospital.
3:20  Kevin Concannon, Undersecretary of USDA, NE Region. During the holiday of plenty, remembering those with less. 
3:30  Bristol Hospital's new Beekley Center for Breast Health. Rebecca Wiesner, Dir of Diagnostic Imaging and Laboratory Services.
4:00 Donna Butler and Siobhan Shaw, co-authors of "Journey of the Soul Car". 
4:20  Stuart Parnes, CT Humanities discusses "CT at Work Conference".
4:30 The status and health of independent booksellers. Karen West with Book Passage in San Francisco, named "Bookseller of the Year" by Publishers Weekly.
5:00  Heifer Int'l's mission is to work with communities to end hunger and poverty and care for the Earth. Kim Machnik discusses.
5:20  How to get the best customer service. Royalyn Reid, customer service expert, shares findings of recent survey.
5:50  New study shows differences between men's and women's brains. Gender expert Judy Hoberman explains.

Dec 3, 3-6 pm
3:00   Diane Collins.  "Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World. www.
3:20  Dr. Heather Tick, an integrative medical practitioner for over 20 years, discusses holistic pain relief.
3:50  CT journalist Jacqueline Thomas re: federal audit citing CT's background checks of foster families "inadequate".
4:00  Dr Barbara Roberts, cardiologist, on the truth about statins: risks and alternatives to cholesterol-lowering drugs. 
4:30  Joyce Roche, 1st African-American senior executive at Avon, discusses the  "Impostor Syndrome"- when successful people feel like frauds.
4:50  Hartford Courant journalist, Dan Haar on his article re: faux fur, and whether it really is. 
5:00  David Fein, founder of The Christmas Tree Project.
5:30  Local chef Cindy Barberi on holiday entertaining/tips for stress-free entertaining.
5:45  John Geary, advisor for Middletown's "Pride Patrol", an effective student-based anti-bullying program. 

Dec 2, 3-6 pm
3:00  Anil Gupta, best-selling author, shares tips for "Immediate Happiness".
3:20  The Mark Twain House & Museum's 33rd Holiday House Tour! 
3:30  Corporel Charey with "Toys for Tots" re: holiday collection.
3:50  Success Coach Marge Piccini.
4:00  New York City performance personality and creator of "Coffee, the Musical", Robert Galinsky.
4:30 Holiday tipping. Etiquette expert Karen Thomas.
5:00  One of the nation's most prominent journalists and commentators, and former deputy managing editor of The Wall Street Journal, Joanne Lipman discusses tough love in education.
5:30  "The Sound of Music- Catching Up with the Kids".  Entertainment analyst, Dr Nancy Berk, has interviewed all 7 of the Von Trapp children in advance of the "Sound of Music, 
Live" special on NBC this Friday.

Nov 27, 3-6 pm
3:00  How to Avoid Conflict with Family Members Over the Holidays. Communication consultant Geoffrey Tumlin advises.
3:20  Justin Chanda, Board Member of the Children’s Book Council  shares his picks on what to buy a kid of any age or gender.
3:30  Steve Kleinedler, Executive Editor of The American Heritage Dictionary on this year's new words.
3:50 Lt Paul Vance, State Police discusses Thanksgiving weekend driving, underage drinking.
4:30 Tonight is the first night of Chanukah. Rabbi Yosef Wolvovsky discusses.
5:00 Professional opera singer, CT native, Amanda Ramos, is home for the holiday and shares the life of an opera star!
5:30 Columnist, "Mr Holiday" Brian O'Conner.  Cook, take out or dine out? Comparing Thanksgiving dinner costs.

Nov 26, 3-6 pm
3-4 pm "Thanksgiving Food Talk!"
Mary is joined in-studio by Vinnie Carbone, owner of Carbone's Restaurants.
3:00  The newest host on The Food Network, Damaris Phillips. Her show, "Southern at Heart" airs Sundays at 10:30 am. 
3:20  Listener Elle Fagan shares her improved family cranberry relish recipe.
3:30  Listener Drew Gibson discusses cooking for a crowd!
4:00  Which type of mother is the best kind of role model for her children? Activist, author Barbara McNally.
4:30  Bar and restaurant expert, John Green, on what failing nightlight establishments need to do to turn a profit.
4:50  AAA's Aaron Kupec on Thanksgiving holiday travel statistics, price of gas.
5:00  How to have a harmonious post-divorce holiday. Atty Monica Harper, Psychologist Elaine Ducharme with CT Collaborative Divorce Group.
5:20  Executive and career coach Lynn Berger shares reasons why it's important to keep up the job search during the holiday season.
5:30  Nat'l real estate expert Mark Bloom comments on recent report re: buyers writing 'love letters' to sellers to seal the deal.

Nov 25, 3-6 pm
3:00  CT Professor and author, Julie Wakeley re: her writings on the response of State Police in a multilingual population.
3:30  Life Coach Pamela Horton shares, "2 Questions That Can Change Your Life For The Better!".
3:50  Hartford Courant's "Savvy Shopper" Korky Vann re: Small Business Saturday.
4:00  Lou Golden, CEO, Junior Achievement of Southwest New England, now in a new location, and with innovative ways of reaching K-12 students in Gtr Hartford.
4:20 Success Coach Marge Piccini, "3 Ways to Spice Up Your Thanksgiving Celebration".
4:30 CT Commissioner of Consumer Protection, William Rubenstein updates on medical marijuana application process.
5:00  Identity fraud facts/resources/safeguards. Carol Urick.
5:45  Fox CT Meteorologist Matt Scott re: storm forecast for this Wednesday, heavy travel day for Thanksgiving.

Nov 22, 3-6 pm
50th Anniversary of Pres Kennedy's assassination. 
3:20  Maryland Grier, CT Health Foundation, nominee for HBJ's "Healthcare Heroes" award!
3:30   Actor Nick Semar, performing in Warner Theater's "50 Shades...the Musical!" this weekend.
3:50 Donna Berman, Exec Dir of Charter Oak Cultural Center in Hartford, discusses their programs with homeless and formerly homeless.
4:00  Screenwriter Dave Henry talks about his relationship with and writing about comic genius, RIchard Pryor. "Furious Cool". 
4:30  Bill Woods of South Windsor, CT, is part of a medical study examining the effectiveness of the "bionic pancreas". The hope is to put an end to the burden of diabetes management through insulin injections.
5:00 -6:00  A special broadcast of "JFK: 50 Years Later".

Nov 21, 3-6 pm
3:00   Dr M. Saud Anwar.  South Windsor mayor, first Muslim mayor in CT.  President of the Pakistani American Public Affairs Committee. PAKPAC's Also the founder and current Co-Chair of American Muslim Peace Initiative. Their work includes strengthening the intra-faith and interfaith understanding within Islam and between Islam and other religions.
3:30  Atty Jay Kearns, elder law attorney with  Kearns and Kearns.
4:00  Nelba Marquez-Greene, mother of 6-yr old Ana Grace Marquez-Greene who lost her life in the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School. A conference is being held Dec 2 to honor Sandy Hook victim’s legacy.
4:20  Anna Marie Fellers, Certified Breastfeeding Educator, commenting on nat'l story of a breastfeeding mom who met resistance at Six Flags.
4:30  Capt Matt Reed, Police Chief, South Windsor, CT.
5:00  "On the Money" with Roger Cowen, Cowen Tax Advisory Group in Farmington.
5:30  Socio-economic scholar John Horvat discusses what he believes is "a sad statement for our times", pointing to the meaning of Thanksgiving vs retailers being open on the holiday. Author of “Return to Order,” (

Nov 20, 3-6 pm
3:00  Phil Klein and Pat Wright, our "Dog Listeners" help with pet training and behavioral issues. 
3:30 Betty O'Neil speaks on The Healing Power of Gratitude.
4:00  Celebrity fitness trainer Joan Pagano.
4:20  Comm of Revenue Services Kevin Sullivan discusses CT's collection of more than $175M from delinquent taxpayers.
4:30  Karol Nickol, Editor in Chief, Live Happy Magazine.
5:00  Pamela Donnelly, academic expert and national media spokesperson on education topics, on "How to Be an A+ Parent".
5:20  LA movie critic, Lisa Mandell Johnson, discusses upcoming holiday films. 
5:50  Lisa Peterson, American Kennel Club, re: options for pet owners with allergies.

Nov 19, 3-6pm:
Special live broadcast at Arbor Rose, Jerome Home in New Britain, devoted to Alzheimer's Disease. The panel of experts included:
Dr Michael Lindberg, Physician-In-Chief, Geriatric and Palliative Medicine Institute, Hartford HealthCare
Marc Levesque, CT Center for Healthy Aging
Jessica Datkin, Geriatric Care Manager, CT Center for Healthy Aging
Tonya Lok, Marian Heights Adult Day Center
Kate Lubin, MSW, Arbor Rose at Jerome Home
Pat Eleveld, R.N., Dir of Nursing, Arbor Rose
Sue Close, VNA HealthCare
Patty O'Brian, NC Regional Dir, Alzheimer's Assoc of CT
Kate Keefe, Occupational Therapist, Southington Care Center
Robert Schmelzer, Exercise Physiologist, Goodlife Fitness  www.jeromeh