The Talk of Connecticut
Show Rundown for Monday, July 6, 2015
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PETER GIOIA (Chief Economist for the Connecticut Business and Industry Association) In his monthly call-in, Peter talked about the aftermath of the budget process in the just-concluded legislative session.

DAVID LIGHTMAN (National Correspondent for McClatchy Newspapers) - DONALD TRUMP has seen a big spike in support in some polls among GOP polls on the heels of controversial remarks he made about immigration and crime. He's even doubled-down on those comments, after the recent death of a woman shot by an illegal immigrant (who'd been deported numerous times) in San Francisco, which is a "sanctuary city" that doesn't cooperate with some federal immigration laws. What does this do, if anything, to the Republican race. - On the Democratic side, former Navy Secretary and Virginia Senator JIM WEBB has entered the race. Can he gain any traction at all? Can he draw the white male voters that centrist Democrats used to draw? - What will PRESIDENT OBAMA do if nuclear talks with Iran break down?

JUNIOR WAKEFIELD (Healthy Living Expert and Personal Trainer) EATING ORDER DIET: WHAT YOU NEED TO EAT FIRST TO LOSE WEIGHT - From no carb to low carb, Paleo to points, there are a host of diets that claim to help us achieve the holy grail of weight loss and good health. Now, however, scientists say it's the order in which we eat food that is key, rather than eliminating key food groups. Starting a meal by eating vegetables and protein, and finishing it with carbohydrates, keeps us fuller than if we ate the same foods in the reverse order. This is because protein slows down the release of sugar from carbohydrates into the blood stream, preventing a sugar 'high' and then crash - and hunger pangs. Doctors say the findings are of particular significance for diabetics, who must retain tight control over their blood sugar levels. 'Overweight and obese people with type 2 diabetes may feel better after a meal if they start it off with vegetables or proteins and end with the carbs,' they reported. Writing in the journal Diabetes Care, they said: 'Finishing the broccoli and chicken before tucking into bread and fruit juice was tied to a lower rise in blood sugar levels over the next two hours, compared to eating the same foods in the opposite order.' - Increasing your blood glucose levels can lead to weight gain. Can you consume the same foods in a different order and lose weight? Why should you leave the carbs for last? WEBSITE: Junior Wakefield

New Britain Mayor ERIN STEWART Mayor Stewart talked about this past Friday's news that her city will likely land a new baseball team to replace the Rock Cats, who will move to Hartford next season to become the Hartford Yard Goats.

JEFF BIRNBAUM (Fox News political Analyst) BIG, FAT GREEK FISCAL CRISIS LIKELY TO FUEL WASHINGTON DEBT WARS The big, fat Greek fiscal crisis might seem like a far-away problem. The birthplace of democracy teeters on the edge of a financial collapse which holds the potential to fracture the European Union and shred its common currency. But while most Americans aren't lending Greece's troubles much attention, it's only a matter of time before the meltdown fuels a new debt debate in Washington. How do Greece's problems affect everyday Americans.

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