The Talk of Connecticut
Show Rundown for Monday, July 13, 2015
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Suzanne Bates (Policy Director for the Yankee Institute for Public Policy) Suzanne talked about how the budget session benefited the public sector unions. State employees received raises while many taxes in CT were raised. Approximately 2 million dollars will be paid in state employee pensions.

Lon Seidman (Tech Guru of Approximately 21.5 million people were compromised in the largest government breach. Social security numbers, background checks and login credentials were among some of the information that was stolen.

Barry Horowitz Live in the Talk of Connecticut Studio Barry came in to talk about his upcoming public seminars. To find out more about the Free Public seminars visit the Nirenstein, Horowitz & Associates website r call Carla at the nuber below. WEBSITE: Nirenstein & Horowitz Contact Number: (860) 548-1000

Rick Synnott: Travel agent, talking about traveling to Greece and Cuba, plus last week's breakdown of United Airlines' computer snafu

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