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Show Rundown for Friday, July 17, 2015
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MATT SCHLAPP (Chairman of the American Conservative Union) FEDS GOING DOOR-TO-DOOR TO SEIZE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS' OBAMA AMNESTY APPROVALS Goosed into action by an angry federal judge, federal immigration authorities will go door-to-door demanding illegal immigrants return the three-year amnesty approvals the Obama administration issued to them in defiance of a court order. Those who don't return their three-year permits will have them terminated at the end of this month, the National Immigrant Justice Center, one of the advocacy groups briefed on authorities' plan, said in a statement preparing immigrants for what could be a traumatic encounter. The move comes as Homeland Security officials, fed up with slow-walking by illegal immigrants, are finally playing hardball after months of less forceful measures. They're scrambling to meet an end-of-month deadline set by Judge Andrew S. Hanen for recapturing thousands of three-year amnesties the department issued even after the court had entered an injunction halting the new amnesty program. Unless all of the permits are recovered, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson could personally have to appear in court to explain the foul-up, Judge Hanen said in an order earlier this month. But the home visits also come at a tricky time, when immigration is a heated issue, and any contact by authorities can be scary for immigrants. Advocacy groups, who were given a heads-up by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, are preparing to field calls from frightened immigrants.

Dr. JAMES PINCKNEY (Medical Expert, Founder and CEO of "Diamond Physicians" in Dallas) FDA SAYS TO THINK TWICE ABOUT SPRAYING CHILDREN WITH SUNSCREEN The FDA is investigating the risks of spray sunscreens, and Consumer Reports said, that until more information is released, parents should hold off using sprays on children. News 18 spoke with an area doctor on the issue, who said the biggest concern with children is that they may inhale the particles that are sprayed. She said it's hard for parents to keep their children still while they're trying to apply the sunscreen. "What the FDA is concerned about, in particular, is zinc oxide which is a powerful sunscreen, it's the, if you remember the lifeguards with the white noses that's what would be used in that and that is made in such tiny little particles that once it's inhaled into the lungs, there's concern that there may be reaction in the body against those tiny little particles of zinc in the lungs," Julia Kyle, an area doctor, said. Kyle said parents can still use the spray on young children if they spray it first into their hands and then rub it on after. Do parents need to worry about children breathing in particles from spray sunscreens?

SHASHANK SHEKHAR, MBA (Best Selling Author and Real Estate Expert) GENERATION RENT: WHY MILLENNIALS AREN'T BUYING HOMES Realtors, banks and mortgage companies say millennials aren't buying homes. "They're just not able to come up with the down payments, or they don't have that capacity to take on more debt to be able to pay for a mortgage," explains CNBC's Kelli Grant. Most of that debt is in the form of student loans. "If you have a lot of student debt, that could mean you qualify for a smaller mortgage or maybe don't qualify at all," Grant notes. There are other reasons millennials are staying put somewhere other than a home they own. Home prices can be out of reach, plus some don't want to fall victim like their parents did when the housing bubble burst. Some data detects a turnaround in some areas of the country, like the Midwest, where millennials are the leading home-buying demographic. Interestingly, another study by insurance firm Assurant found millennials are not behind the surge in apartment living, but rather that's being spurred by baby boomers looking to downsize. "The American dream of home-ownership isn't dead, it's just overshadowed by the nightmare of student debt," explains real estate expert Shashank Shekhar. "Millennials want to start building equity instead of throwing away money on rent, but many just aren't in a position to to do that."

HOWARD SCHWARTZ from the CT Better Business Bureau In his monthly call-in, Howard has news about diabetes cure scams currently making the rounds. You receive an email alerting you to an amazing new medicine that will "reverse" your diabetes. To establish credibility, the messages often use the names of established organizations. One recent email falsely claims a study of the product was released by NASA and endorsed by both Harvard and Johns Hopkins University. Although the name-dropping seems impressive, none of these institutions endorsed the product. At the end of the email, a link leads you to a website that touts the product's amazing abilities and details a conspiracy theory that has kept this "cure" a secret. Consumers who go for the bait may end up with expensive dietary supplements, and leave themselves vulnerable to fraud if they hand over credit card and personal information. Another more serious danger is that patients with diabetes may delay or abandon their approved medical treatment in favor of a product that does nothing to treat or cure any disease.

"Weekending in Connecticut" with Meagan Occhiogrosso Meagan shared the events that are happening throughout CT this weekend. Some of the events include: Greater Hartford Festival of Jazz, Downtown Hartford Circus Train and Big Top Show, Essex Celebrate East Lyme Festival Craft Expo 2015, Guilford Freedom Beer Fest, Ansonia

Fox News Radio's JEFF MONOSSO (Live from Chattanooga, Tenn) Five people — including four Marines and the sole gunman — are dead following shootings at two separate military centers in Chattanooga, Tennessee. A police officer was also wounded and suffered non-life threatening injuries. The suspected shooter has been ID'd as Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez. Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke confirmed the five deaths at a news conference Thursday. The U.S. attorney in Tennessee said this will be investigated as an act of domestic terrorism. Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge said that it is "highly unusual" for the FBI to already be taking the lead in the investigation and have several hundred agents heading to the scene. Herridge said officials confirmed the attacker was not a military member and did not have known ties to the victims. The shooting began at around 11 a.m. at U.S. Naval Recruiting on Lee Highway, where the suspect is believed to have fired in rapid succession for a period of minutes, then sped away in a silver Mustang. A police officer was wounded at that location, but his injuries are not life threatening. Smith said the suspect then drove about seven miles to the U.S. Naval Reserve Center on Amnicola Highway. That’s where the four Marines were shot before the suspect was killed by authorities.

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