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Show Rundown for Wednesday, September 17, 2015
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Vinny with Brad
Valerie Thomas with Brad

KEVIN RENNIE (Political Blogger, Hartford Courant Columnist and Former GOP state legislator) It's time for the Hartford Democratic Mayoral primary. It's been a tough, tense battle between incumbent Mayor PEDRO SEGARRA and the party-endorsed challenger LUKE BRONIN. Kevin gives us his thoughts on who he thinks will win, and what that means for the city.

JESSE BYRNES (Staff Writer at The Hill) REPUBLICAN DEBATE PREVIEW It's time for round two! More verbal punches expected in the second GOP primary debate as eleven of the candidates vying for the Republican Presidential nomination will take the stage. Wednesday's debate takes place at the Reagan Library in California. CNN's Jake Tapper will moderate alongside colleague Dana Bash and radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt. Pressure grows on hopefuls to take sharper aim at so-called political outsider Donald Trump who is topping the polls. On Friday, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, A leading anti-Trump voice among the GOP contenders, became the first candidate to suspend his bid for the nomination. And among Republicans, still-early surveys suggested that the reality TV star has more support than Bush, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio combined. In second place: retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who has repeatedly refused to criticize Trump in recent days. Ohio Gov. John Kasich also declined to take on Trump. During an appearance on "Fox News Sunday" Kasich said he'd rather spend his time introducing himself to voters who aren't familiar with him.

VALERIE THOMAS LIVE IN THE TALK OF CONNECTICUT STUDIO Valerie talked about the what you should do for your investments, about her company with Whitney and also about her seminar which will take place on Sept. 24th from 11a-1p. To reserve your spot for this seminar, call 1-800-825-1336.

VINNY from AERUS LIVE IN THE TALK OF CONNECTICUT STUDIO Vinny was here to talk about the Guardian heater and how it could save you money. Aerus is having a sale on their Guardian heaters until this Saturday. To get yours call 1-866-230-9763.

Dr. JOEL KAHN (Cardiologist and Author of the Best-Selling Book "The Whole Heart Solution" His new book is titled "Dead Execs Don't Get Bonuses" ) THE BIOLOGY OF CRIME: STUDY SAYS LOW HEART RATE MAY PREDICT CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR!!! What if a test could identify young men who were nearly 50% more likely than their peers to become violent criminals? Scientists in Sweden say they have found such a test - and you can take it with two fingers and a clock. The test measures your resting heart rate. If you count fewer than 60 beats per minute, you might be physiologically predisposed to commit robbery, assault, kidnapping or even murder, new research suggests. The idea that there is a biological basis for crime is hardly new, and resting heart rate is one of the leading candidates for linking the two. Studies from more than a dozen countries have found that people with slow-beating hearts are more likely to behave in antisocial ways. However, most of these studies involved a small number of people, and they weren't tracked for long periods of time. They found that the men with the slowest resting heart rates were 49% more likely to become violent criminals than the men with the fastest resting heart rates. They were also 33% more likely to be convicted of a nonviolent crime, such as a drug or traffic offense. "The associations were not explained by physical, cardiovascular, psychiatric, cognitive, or socioeconomic factors," the study authors wrote. In addition, the researchers discovered that the men with the slowest hearts were 41% more likely than those with the fastest hearts to be injured in an assault and 31% more likely to be injured in an accident. It's not clear why a low heart rate would make people predisposed to antisocial - or even criminal - behavior, but scientists have some guesses. One theory is that men with slower hearts have lower levels of physiological arousal, which they try to boost by doing things that are dangerous or illegal. The other leading theory is that those with slower hearts have a muted response to risky or stressful situations, so they don't feel the fear that others would. Are people with a lower heart rate a higher risk for crime? What's science behind this study? Do people with a low heart rate take part in riskier and sometime illegal activities just to get their heart racing?

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