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Show Rundown for Tuesday, November 24, 2015
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RICHARD CAMPBELL M.Ed. (Author of "Writing Your Legacy: The Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting Your Life Story") Turn Family Dinner Table Stories Into A Family Legacy: Many memories are shared during the holidays between bites of grandma’s not-so-secret recipe green bean casserole. One day, everyone won’t be around to tell these tales that shape your family’s history and future. So, how do you start recording these stories and creating a legacy for your family in written form? What’s the first step to choosing memories to include and others to omit? Where do you start? What if you don’t think you have anything interesting to write?

TONY BEVACQUA (Therapist, expert in addictive behaviors and author of "R.E.H.A.B: Rethinking Excessive Habits and Addictive Behaviors") THE "ELEPHANT" IN THE ROOM It seems everybody at one time or another has experienced the "elephant" in the room, especially during the holidays. This is the friend, family member or relative who might drink too much, and generally speaks and acts inappropriately at family/work functions. Since it is the holidays, you may ignore it, deny that there is a problem, or simply tolerate it and complain later about the wrecking ball that annually disrupts the holidays... hence the big fat elephant in the room. --Why is the holiday season the best time to acknowledge the "elephant" in the room and take action?

Dr. MYRA JONES-TAYLOR (Connecticut Early Childhood Commissioner)
Later this morning, Dr. Myra Jones-Taylor, will visit pre-school classrooms at Center Road School in Vernon. The classrooms are part of the state’s expansion of high-quality early childhood classrooms with funding from the Federal Preschool Development Grant as well as the state’s School Readiness program. She'll chat with us about both that grant and program.

TIM PHELAN(Head of the Connecticut Retail Merchants Association) Tim talked about the coming shopping season for Connecticut retailers, as well as this week's annual "Small Business Saturday."

DEBBIE GEORGATOS (Political strategist and the author of "Ladies, Can We Talk? America Needs Our Vote!") SYRIA REFUGEE FIGHT EMERGES AS GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN THREAT The fight over blocking refugees from Syria and Iraq has emerged as one of the biggest hurdles to Congress completing work on a year-long spending bill and preventing a government shutdown. Conservatives see the government-funding bill as their best vehicle for forcing the White House to bend on the refugee issue. They've been emboldened by their big victory last week, when 47 Democrats defied a White House veto threat and backed a GOP bill boosting screening requirements for Syrian refugees. The large number of Democrats breaking with the administration shows they are on the winning side, conservatives say. The fight over adding language restricting Syrian refugees from the United States is one of a number of policy fights that threatens to prevent a deal on funding the government. Lawmakers will return from their Thanksgiving break with just two weeks to reach a deal before a deadline on Dec. 11.

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