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Show Rundown for Tuesday, December 15, 2015
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HARLAN HILL (Political consultant) GOP DEBATE PREVIEW The last GOP primary debate will be held Tuesday night in Las Vegas and hosted by CNN. Nine GOP candidates will take the stage during the main debate at eight-thirty P.M Eastern Time. Donald Trump once again will be center stage as he is flanked by retired neurosurgeon Dr Ben Carson on his right and Texas Senator Ted Cruz on his left. Florida Senator Marco Rubio, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, businesswoman Carly Fiorina, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Ohio Governor John Kasich and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul will also be featured on the main stage. To qualify for this prime time debate candidates had to have met at least one of the three following criteria in polls conducted between October 29th and December 13th, an average of at least 3.5 percent nationally, 4 percent in Iowa, and 4 percent in New Hampshire. An early debate will be held before the main event at six PM Eastern Time featuring former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, and former New York Governor George Pataki. Recent shake-ups in polls may allow for some candidates to be showcased more in this debate than previous ones. A new Wall Street Journal and NBC News poll shows that Trump remains in the lead with 27 percent, but Senator Ted Cruz is gaining momentum. He is now at 22 percent nationally; a 10 percent rise since October, and in Iowa, Cruz’s 28 percent is edging out Trump’s 26. Trump’s former threat, Ben Carson, is now in fourth place with 10 percent and Senator Marco Rubio has risen to third place with 13 percent. - How will the most recent polls shake up this debate? Who is expected to come out on top? Are any of the candidates expected to fall out of the race? How will this debate affect the Iowa Caucus?

Fox News Radio's EBEN BROWN (Live from Miami) IS PRESIDENT OBAMA PLANNING A VISIT CUBA? HOW WOULD THE U.S. CUBAN COMMUNITY REACT? President Obama promised in an exclusive interview with Yahoo News that he “very much” hopes to visit Cuba during his last year in office, but only if he can meet with pro-democracy dissidents there. “If I go on a visit, then part of the deal is that I get to talk to everybody,” Obama said. “I’ve made very clear in my conversations directly with President [Raul] Castro that we would continue to reach out to those who want to broaden the scope for, you know, free expression inside of Cuba.” Speaking in the Cabinet Room of the White House, Obama strongly hinted that he would make a decision “over the next several months.” The president said he hopes that “sometime next year” he and his top aides will see enough progress in Cuba that they can say that “now would be a good time to shine a light on progress that’s been made, but also maybe [go] there to nudge the Cuban government in a new direction.”

CURTIS ROBINSON (From the Curtis D. Robinson Center for Health Equity at St. Francis Hospital) Curtis Robinson and wife Sheila for the 6th year and counting are feeding 150 Families in Hartford this Friday at 1:30 p.m. at SANDS School and 4:30 p.m. at Burr Elementary. The founder and Chairman of the Curtis D. Robinson Center for Health Equity. While Christmas is a happy time, it is also a needy time for families. Beyond health equity issues and educating and saving dozens of men from dying from Prostate Cancer, Curtis and Sheila have taken on the mission to help eradicate poverty by feeding (over the years), thousands of children at the Bread for Life Breakfast Program in Southington. For the entire winter month meals are served to start a child's day.

KAREN DAWSON (Travel expert) DIRTY SECRETS OF FLYING: WHAT THE AIRLINES WON'T TELL YOU When we buy an airplane ticket from Point A to Point B, we usually get there without incident. Aside from a few delays, the odd cancellation, or the occasional lost bag, airlines generally do what they say what they're going to do. Still, one airline industry expert believes that most fliers have no idea how vulnerable we all are to the whims of these multibillion-dollar airlines, and how much power they have over us. "You have virtually no rights," travel writer Joe Brancatelli, founder of the business travel site JoeSentMe, tells Yahoo Travel. "If the airlines can screw you, they will." Of course, no one's implying that airlines are evil entities out to toy with you and swindle you out of you money. But in a worst-case scenario, in the rare case when circumstances pit you against a major airline, Brancatelli suggests you recognize that the deck may be stacked against you. If you read the fine print on your ticket, you'll discover just how little control you actually have when you fly. What are some of the dirty secrets the airlines don't want you to know? What are some tips that can spare you some serious holiday headaches?

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