The Talk of Connecticut
Show Rundown for Tuesday, January 19, 2016
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FAIRE CHAMBERLAIN (A political strategist from Stampede Consulting) Faire talked about the closing of Guantanamo and the dangers of bringing the prisoners to the states.

Dr. GARY ROSE PhD (Chair of the Department of Government and Politics at Sacred Heart University) There's a lot of controversy about if Cruz and Rubio can legally run for president, this issue can possibly end up in front of a court.

Fox News Radio's SIMON OWEN Simon was on to talk about the 95 year old former paramedic who is on trial for being an accessory to the murder of at least 3,681 people at Auschwitz.

ROGER COWEN from Cowen Tax Advisers Roger was in studio to talk about paying your taxes during this tax season.

Dr. GARY LACEFIELD (An expert on business negotiations and professional communications) Dr. Lancefield shared ways you can ask your boos for a raise and actually get it.

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