The Talk of Connecticut
Show Rundown for Thursday, January 28, 2015
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JULIANNE THOMPSON (A political analyst and founder of the "Free America Project.") With Donald Trump skipping out on tonight's GOP debate, the other candidates are expected to seize this opportunity to get a better opportunity to speak.

WILLIAM PANZARELLA (Author of "A Place They Called America") William talked abour how Trumps absence will effect the debate tonight.

WILLIAM "BILL" GAVIN(Former FBI Assistant Director, Author of, "Pick Up Your Own Brass -- Leadership The FBI Way." Bill tracked down the first World Trade Center bombers while being responsible for the operational investigation and resolution of the 1993 WTC bombing.) A student was arrested in North Korea and North Korea's state-controlled media outlet KCNA announced he had been arrested for "hostile acts."

GISELLE PHELPS (A public speaker, emcee & host for nonprofits, colleges and youth organization. She's founder of and also CEO of GJP Media Services, LLP) Giselle talked about how social media has effect and is effecting campaigns.

RUTH CANOVI (A public policy manager for the American Lung Association of the Northeast) Ruth talked about a legislative task force recommending a ban on smoking in cars with passenger, who is 18 or younger.

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