The Talk of Connecticut
Show Rundown for Wednesday, February 10, 2016
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RHETT POWER (A political analyst and also a columnist for Inc. Magazine, a contributor to Success Magazine and the author of "One Million Frogs") Rhett talked about the results from last night's New Hampshire primary results.

WILTON GOP State Sen. TONI BOUCHER Senator Boucher talked about a proposal from Gov. Dannel Malloy that would bring some changes to the State Department of Motor Vehicles to include a controversial change regarding property taxes and vehicle registrations.

CHRIS ZUKOWSKI (Project engineer for the I-84 Waterbury Widening Project) Chris had an update about how the construction for the I-84 Waterbury widening project is going.

SHONTAYE HAWKINS (Workplace culture expert) Some people come up with the weirdest excuses for getting to work late. Shontaye talked about why people might make up those excuses and why you might just be better off telling the truth.

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