The Talk of Connecticut
Show Rundown for Thursday, March 3, 2015
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State House GOP leader THEMIS KLARIDES There is a lack of action by Democrats to move forward with a workable state spending cap and there is a lot of controversy over pending contracts for some UConn employees.

BRIAN GRAHAM (Political analyst and consultant at "Dixie Strategies") Tonight the GOP presidential candidates are set to appear at the Fox News Channel’s debate and Trump's fellow GOP candidates have all been vying to prove themselves as the anti-trump candidate.

Fox News Radio's ALASTAIR WANKLYN (Live from Tokyo) Debris that washed up in Mozambique has been tentatively identified as a part from the same type of aircraft as the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, a U.S. official said Wednesday.

Dr. KEVIN CAMPBELL (World-renowned cardiologist leading and author of, "Women and Cardiovascular Disease: Addressing Disparities in Care" and "Losing Our Way in Healthcare: The Impact of Reform") CPR training kiosks, which offer an interactive lesson in lifesaving CPR skills, have debuted at five major airports across the United States.

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