The Talk of Connecticut
Show Rundown for Wednesday, March 16, 2016
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Watertown GOP State Sen. ROB KANE Senator Kane was on to talk about a Republican plan to eliminate Connecticut's current 220-million-dollar budget deficit without having to resort to state employee layoffs.

Fox News Radio's JESSICA GOLLOHER (Live from Jerusalem) The Syrian opposition said yesterday that Russian President Vladimir Putin's move to drawdown his forces in the country could pave the way for an end to five years of fighting although Moscow had not informed them of the decision.

PAUL KETCHEL (A healthcare policy veteran, he served as an aide to Senate majority leader Bill Frist and as an industry lobbyist) According to a new study, workers without paid sick leave are more likely to keep going to work when they are sick and to refrain from seeking medical care for themselves and their families compared to workers who do get paid for sick days.

JEFFREY PHILLIPS (Co-author of "Outmaneuver: Out Think - Don't Outspend." He also leads OVO Innovation, an innovation consulting company in Raleigh, North Carolina) Companies compete with one another in a mindless race to the bottom, matching feature for feature, which commoditizes markets and drives down prices and margins.

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