The Talk of Connecticut
Show Rundown for Thursday, March 31, 2015
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ERIC RICHMAN, esq. (A noted New York City-based trial attorney) The Justice Department announced that investigators have found their way into the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, despite Apple’s repeated refusal to help. Investigators announced that they found a way in, but not how they were able to unlock the phone.

NICOLEE AMBROSE (Former national Young Republicans chair and the current GOP National Committeewoman for Maryland) At their last town hall event, Donald Trump announced that he may no longer honor his pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee. Fellow GOP candidates, Ted Cruz and John Kasich refused to state whether they would still back their party’s pick.

Dr. KEVIN CAMPBELL (World-renowned cardiologist and author of, "Women and Cardiovascular Disease: Addressing Disparities in Care" and "Losing Our Way in Healthcare: The Impact of Reform")
According to a new study, working long hours may increase your long-term risk of cardiovascular disease.

KESTON OTT-DAHL & ANDREA OTT-DAHL (Co-authors of "Saving Delaney") When Keston and Andrea Ott-Dahl agreed to be surrogate parents for another lesbian couple, they had no idea of the challenges they’d be facing. Early in the pregnancy, prenatal testing revealed the baby had Down Syndrome and the Ott-Dahls were urged to abort Andrea’s pregnancy by many, including doctors who warned of severe medical complications if the baby even survived the birth.

NICKI O'NEILL and East Hampton Police Chief SHAWN COX *LIVE IN THE TALK OF CONNECTICUT STUDIO* They were live in studio to talk about a fundraiser to raise money to help the East Hampton Police Department buy and train a police dog. The fundraiser is this Sunday from 2p-6p at Angelico's Lakehouse Restaurant, 81 N Main St, East Hampton. There will be a raffle as well as an auction to raise the money.

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