The Talk of Connecticut
Show Rundown for Monday, June 6, 2016
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PETER GIOIA (Chief economist for the Connecticut Business and Industry Association) In his monthly call, Peter talk about the recent CBIA business survey, and this past Friday's anemic U.S. jobs report, and how that report could affect Connecticut's next jobs report, due on the 16th.

DAVID LIGHTMAN (National Correspondent from McClatchy Newspapers) David was on to talk about Hillary Clinton's address last week in San Diego and if it did any damage to Donald Trump, what we can expect from tomorrow's California Democratic Primary and the demonstrations outside Trump appearances.

Dr. BARRY GORDON (Neurologist at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center) Boxing legend Muhammad Ali died Friday at age 74 after a lengthy battle against Parkinson's disease. Ali was diagnosed with the disease in 1984, three years after he retired. Ali's wife, Lonnie Ali, stated that doctors told her the disease was not the result of absorbing too many punches but a genetic condition.

JASON TREU (Employment expert) Federal Reserve officials see the job market tightening across most regions of the U.S., pushing up wages for many.

MICHAEL RAY NEWMAN (Workplace expert) Among more than 16,000 working adults who participated in a Norwegian study, workers considered "workaholics" showed symptoms of four psychiatric disorders.

Reverend MICHAEL BAILEY & Reverend LEROY BAILEY from First Cathedral Bloomfield LIVE IN THE TALK OF CONNECTICUT STuDio The Reverends were in the studio to talk about the Golf for Education Excellence/First Cathedral Golf Tournament.

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