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Show Rundown for Friday, July 15, 2016
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ALAN SKORSKI (Political activist who served as an adviser to congressional campaigns. He's the author of "Israel Betrayed")
Trump's running mate introduction is going to be delayed due to the terror attack in France which happened last night. However, all indications are that the pick will be Indiana GOP Governor Mike Pence.

Arts Across Connecticut with DOUG EVANS

Dr. WILLIAM PETIT LIVE IN THE TALK OF CONNECTICUT STUDIO Dr. Petit was in the studio to talk about the GE 5K Road Race happening on July 17th with activities starting at 8:30am and the main race at 9am. This all takes place at 41 Woodford Ave, Plainville, Connecticut 06062. WEBSITE: GE 5K Road Race

ROYALYN REID (Diversity and sensitivity expert who teaches tolerance at companies from coast to coast) With the recent deaths of two African American men and the shooting of police officers across the country, the United States is seeing a growing racial divide. Both sides of the spectrum have taken to social media in support of varying degrees. With the upcoming elections, race is becoming more of an issue and could possibly shape the outcome. With calls of support to the police and first responders out during riots and protests, there are many who support police offices but others, are taking justice into their own hands and abandoning the principle of "innocent until proven guilty".

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