The Talk of Connecticut
Show Rundown for Tuesday, July 26, 2016
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COURTNEY EMERSON (Political analyst, co-founder of "All In Together")

Again with the emails: The country's Democratic stars will align in the City of Brotherly Love this week to formally introduce Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine as their party's presidential and vice presidential nominees - while also fending off controversy suggesting her rise to the ticket may have been rigged from the start. Latest scandal rocks Clinton's crowning at convention start. Hillary Clinton, who spent the entirety of her presidential primary campaign battling allegations over her improper use of a personal email server while secretary of state, once again faces an email headache just days before her crowning as the Democratic presidential nominee. Protests are expected throughout Philadelphia in support of Sanders.

KAREN ADAMSON (Executive director of Operation Fuel)

Operation Fuel is now taking donations for its program to help households pay for electricity and natural gas.

BARON LUKAS (Oil industry analyst)

Gasoline production in the United States is at an all-time high, pushing retail prices to their lowest point in more than a decade, motor club AAA reports. AAA reports only three U.S. states -- Michigan, Ohio and Indiana -- saw the price at the pump increase over past week, though prices there are generally less than during the weekend. Normally this time of year prices soar because of the summer driving season. If we're seeing low prices now, what are we likely to see in the next couple of months?

HOWARD SCHWARTZ (Spokesman for the Better Business Bureau of Connecticut)

Howard talked about a new Better Business Bureau study that reveals widespread misconceptions about those most at risk of getting "scammed."

LAURETTE VERES (Wedding analyst)

Gone are the days of white dresses and diamond rings. Millennial couples are breaking wedding traditions to cut down on costs and personalize their special day. . Major jewelers report diamond sales are down almost 20 percent, as the median age for marriage skyrockets. Pew Research polls show the median age for women is 27 years old, and, for men, it's 29. In 1960, the median age for women was 20 years old, and, for me

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