The Talk of Connecticut
Show Rundown for Friday, July 29, 2016
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Source: scanrail/ iStock / Getty Images
Source: scanrail/ iStock / Getty Images

WENDY PATRICK (Author of "Reading People") Wendy was on to talk about Hillary Clinton speech which she delivered last night on the last night of the DNC.

JOHN DYBEN (Addiction specialist from Origins Recovery Centers) Nearly a third of college students say they engage in practices that have been dubbed "drunkorexia." That's the name given to behaviors such as skipping meals or exercising heavily to offset calories from a heavy night of drinking, or to pump up alcohol's buzz. Though drunkorexia has been around for a while, it wasn't clear how prevalent it was. But a recent study shows how common it's become among college kids who binge-drink at least once a month: eight out of 10 say they do it.

Fox News Radio's HANK WEINBLOOM (Live from Philadelphia) DNC is over and now we have to consider what the candidates policies are and the lack thereof.

Dr. DESMER DESTANG (Specializing in aesthetic dermatology) A new study just revealed that four out of the ten best-selling sun screens do not meet criteria from the American Academy of Dermatology.

BETH CONNOR (MBA, the Director of Communications and Fund Development the Connection) Beth was on to talk about the race which benefits The Connection Fund, a local organization that helps people build safe, healthy, caring communities and inspires people to reach their full potential as productive and valued citizens. It happens on August 4th at Bushnell Park and registration p[ens at 10a.

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