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Show Rundown for Wednesday, August 10, 2016
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Professor DAVID CADDEN (Professor emeritus at the Quinnipiac University School of Business) David Cadden, professor of entrepreneurship and strategy emeritus at Quinnipiac University, said today’s announcement that Altice USA is planning to lay off 600 Connecticut employees is upsetting, but not totally unexpected. “Earlier this year, Altice USA, a Dutch-based firm, acquired Cablevision for an excessive $17 billion,” Cadden said. “It also acquired Cablevision's debt. In such acquisitions, one of the first activities is to reduce the acquired firm's operating expenses. One of the easiest ways to do that is to cut labor costs. Altice USA argued that improvements in technology enabled it to curtail customer-service operations. While this may be true, the driving rationalization for its actions was economic. It wouldn't be surprising if additional layoffs are in the future.”

Fox News Radio's JON DECKER (Live from the White House) Jon was on to talk about the controversy surrounding Trump after his latest comments.

SHAWN TUMA (Attorney specializing in cyber security and data protection) It only took 6 minutes for high-tech thieves to steal Jeeps and Dodge cars, according to Houston PD. The department announced that it had caught two men who were behind that massive plot. The two men apparently used a laptop and pirated software to start the vehicles and take off. HPD said the vehicles made it into Mexico. It was in the middle of the day when Mike Hammette realized his Jeep was gone.

Fairfield GOP State Sen. TONY HWANG Tony returned to update us on the Connecticut’s Department of Insurance taking testimony on double-digit rate increases requested by the state’s health insurers. The public can submit testimony through today.

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