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Show Rundown for Tuesday, September 13th 2016
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Credit: Bulklely High School / Facebook

Gretchen Levitz Program Director -Bulkeley High School and Maria Mascaro Retired Bulkeley English teacher and proud graduate of BHS

Bulkeley High is celebrating its 90th Anniversary. Known as the Jewel of the South End of Hartford since 1926, the institution is celebrating 90 Years of Excellence! If you're a graduate of BHS and want to come to the 90th Birthday Celebration, which is Sunday, September 25th, at the Riverfront Boathouse, call Lous Frasca at 860.695.1073

Rachel Sutherland FOX News - live from Washington, DC With Hillary Clinton's health controversy, should Donald Trump capitalize on it? Will it be her downfall? Rachel Sutherland weighs in and says Hillary will have to display perfect health from here on out to not have this affect her campaign.

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