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Show Rundown for Wednesday, October 5 , 2016
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LEN SUZIO - former Meriden GOP state senator who's running running for that seat again

MAN RE-ARRESTED AFTER BEING RELEASED EARLY A woman was tied up, robbed and sexually assaulted in her own home, and the man accused of the crime should still have been in jail. Despite his violent and lengthy criminal past, 35-year-old Edwin Glass was let out more than seven months early, thanks to the early release program. This is a story multiple law enforcement sources confirm to Eyewitness News that Gov. Dannel Malloy’s administration was trying to keep quiet from the media. "The Malloy administration, there is no doubt about it in my mind, is actively engaged in a cover up of a scandal,” said Len Suzio, who is running for state senator. On Sept. 4, a home invasion, robbery and sexual assault happened in East Hartford, where a woman’s innocence was taken away in minutes, and an entire neighborhood was robbed of their sense of security. That bombshell of the incident dropped by Suzio, who is currently running for state senator. "I was told by people in the police department in East Hartford that officials from the Malloy administration contacted them and asked them not to talk to the media about this issue,” Suzio said. This is something Malloy denied.

*DR. KATHERINE BROWN - specialist in criminology and assistant professor in the School of Criminology at Tarleton State Universit*y

"CREEPY CLOWN" ATTACKS ON THE RISE THROUGHOUT UNITED STATES People either love them, or they hate them - but for those who fear clowns, a new hoax on is on the rise giving new reason for the dislike. The clowns have now been confirmed in 10 states, with other reports sweeping the internet. The clowns have reportedly tried to lure children into woods with promises of candy or ice cream - while others simply stand and stare and people. Many have reported seeing these clowns holding various weapons during attempts to get children to follow them into the woods. Several arrests have been made exposing "copy-cat" hoaxes but reports are now coming in about bomb threats and school violence sent in by clowns. What can people do to stay safe from the clowns? What could the purpose be behind the recent spike in "Creepy Clown" sittings? What are possible legal ramifications for people engaging in these activities? How can parents warn children against these "Creepy Clowns" without causing fear of all clowns?

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