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Show Rundown for Wednesday, October 19 , 2016
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MOLLY K. HOOPER - staff writer for The Hill

PREVIEW OF THE LAST PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE It's happening: the final presidential debate. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are scheduled to cap off the last of three official presidential debates on Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. ET. The Commission on Presidential Debates, a bipartisan organization that manages the official contests, will host the 90-minute, commercial-free event at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. Fox News' Chris Wallace is slated to moderate the debate. He announced his intended topics for the debate last week. They are debt and entitlements, immigration, economy, Supreme Court, foreign hot spots and fitness to be president. This final debate will be a return to the format from the first presidential debate. Clinton and Trump will each face direct questions from the moderator for six, 15-minute periods, each corresponding to one of Wallace's six announced topics, although those are subject to changes. Both candidates will have two minutes to answer, and then the discussion will move forward as the moderator allows. Third-party candidates like Gary Johnson, Jill Stein and Evan McMullin failed to qualify for this event due to low polling, meaning they will ultimately not join Clinton and Trump on stage for any of the official events. Less than a month away from Election Day, this will be the last chance voters get to see Clinton and Trump face off, side-by-side.

Fox News Radio's JESSICA GOLLOHER - live from Jerusalem

SYRIA LATEST: HUMANITARIAN PAUSE SET FOR ALEPPO Russia has announced that Russian and Syrian warplanes are halting airstrikes on the besieged city of Aleppo. Suspension is intended to prepare for the opening of humanitarian corridors for the rebels to leave Aleppo. Russia says its forces and the Syrian army will observe a "humanitarian pause" between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Thursday, to allow civilians and militants safe passage out of the city.

DR. PABLO ZEBALLOS - medical specialist

WHATSAPPITITIS, TECH NECK AND OTHER REAL DISEASES BEING HOOKED TO GADGETS GETS YOU Everyone knows how technology has made everything available at the touch of a button. Texting, calling, browsing, watching - all in one place. So it's not surprising that we end up spending a better part of our day on our gadgets including our phones. But did you know that these convenient pieces of technology could give you some serious diseases? These diseases are quite unique to the posture, activities and the way we use our phones, tablets and laptops. Here's a lowdown on five of them: --1. Whatsapptitis: Possibly one that we're all prone to because, can you imagine keeping in touch with people without WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber and a ton of other instant messaging apps? The condition, as the name suggests, is caused by excessive use of the thumb and fingers for texting, among other things. This lady for instance, who was also the first person to be diagnosed with Whatsappititis, woke up one day with wrist pain because she held her 130 gram phone for six hours the previous day and continuously used both her thumbs to reply to text messages.
--2. Tech neck: Is head bowed, shoulders hunched and eyes glued to the screen a common posture in your lifestyle? Be warned, it could be making you prone to tech-neck, which causes skin to sag around the neckline, drooping jowls (the lower, fleshy part of your cheek) and creasing of the skin on your clavicle. And apparently, the strain this posture (where we lean our necks down by 60 degrees) places on our neck equivalent to the weight of a seven-year-old. Many people even resort to cosmetic surgery, particularly those in the corporate world and show business to remove the physical signs of this condition. --3. Smartphone Pinky: Heard of the smartphone pinky? No that's not a new game but has to do with something we do quiet unconsciously - holding the phone with our pinky finger supporting most of its weight. The problem here is that the edge of your smartphone places pressure on the last joint of your pinky, making it prone to pain and deformity.

- Dr. RICHARD SHANE PhD, MA - behavioral sleep therapist and creator of "Sleep Easily"


Behavioral Sleep Expert, Richard Shane PhD, MA has over 30 years of experience as a psychotherapist and is currently the Behavioral Sleep Consultant for New West Physician, Colorado. Member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the Society for Behavior Sleep Medicine and the National Sleep Foundation. In the early 1990s he developed severe insomnia and spent years inwardly exploring it, discovering secrets about how the body and mind fall asleep. He turned those into the Sleep Easily method. While succeeding with individual clients, he was frustrated knowing that there were millions of people who have difficulty sleeping. Because the Sleep Easily method is clear and simple and doesn’t involve meditation or hypnosis, he created a program people could use at home without working with a therapist. The Sleep Easily program has been proven effective in published research.

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