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Show Rundown for Thursday, November 3d 2016
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COLMON ELRIDGE - political analyst

WITH LESS THAN A WEEK – POLLS ARE SCRAMBLING The latest Fox News Electoral Scorecard has some states shifting with the polls and the electoral map being scrambled in the final days amid a slew of late-breaking developments. Just one week ago, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had assumed a confident air on the stump, enjoying a rare period when the political pieces were aligning for her in the wake of damaging allegations against her Republican rival. But the polls are tightening again, as voters assess a range of other factors, including the FBI’s stunning decision to revisit her private email investigation. Election prognosticators still say Clinton enjoys the advantage going into the big day – in large part because the states President Obama won in 2012 mostly have stayed Democrat-leaning this year, giving her a substantial built-in advantage. But, even though Trump faces a tough climb to the 270 electoral votes it takes to win, the map is changing in the final days, in several cases in his favor. With five days left, is it possible for the shifts in the map to drastically change the outcome of the election?

LEN SUZIO - former Meriden GOP state senator who's running running for that seat again

Victim Advocate Advisory Board member Len Suzio, the leading critic of Connecticut’s controversial “Early Release” program, announced he has filed an appeal to overturn a superior court decision concerning the early release law. Suzio is seeking a Writ of Mandamus to “compel the Department of Corrections to produce release rates, and other information about violent criminals that the public has a right to see”, said Suzio.

VERONICA SITES - counselor who specializes in stress management

ELECTION FATIGUE: STUDIES SHOW THIS ELECTION HAS MADE AMERICANS ANGRY AND SICK Are you a political junkie who has grown tired of the news? The relentless onslaught of ugliness gripping our American politics does not feel too far afield from the description of possession and the faith-rattling, soul-shaking effects described by Blatty. Recent reports tell us our political culture is affecting our health and damaging our relationships. Roughly 60 percent of Americans told Pew they were sick and tired of the election - and that was back in July. Anger and divisiveness between political opponents has intensified to a fever pitch, and many voters say they lack respect for our country's democratic institutions and one another. Therapists are increasingly treating patients for election-related anxiety, and in October, the American Psychological Association produced coping tips for the more than half of Americans who are suffering from election stress. We are, quite literally, becoming politically soul-sick. Is has been the longest, nastiest campaign season in the history of American politics. Election causing 'Facebook fatigue' among some social media users. We're not just sick and tired of talking about it. It's actually impacting friendships.

HOWELL WOLTZ - author of "Justice Restored: 10 Steps to End Mass Incarceration in America"
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A true story of corruption, betrayal and ‘the land of the free’...and a call-to-action for reform. Early in the morning on April 18, 2006, with two children alone and asleep, Howell Woltz and his wife were kidnapped at their home by the FBI. Little did Howell know, he would spend the next seven years of his life in prison. He never saw an arrest warrant and was never convicted by any court of jurisdiction. In attempting to force him to give false testimony against former clients, he was put on “diesel therapy,” and shuttled 29 times between prisons in North Carolina, Georgia, Oklahoma, Virginia and West Virginia. Since his release, Howell has been fighting for reform of the American justice system. In his new book “Justice Restored: 10 Steps to End Mass Incarceration in America”, Woltz proposes a multi-part plan for change.

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