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Show Rundown for Tuesday November 8 2016
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Professor ALAN SANDERS - political analyst and presidential historian. He's also a professor of political science at St. Peter's University

DECISION 2016: WHERE DOES THE RACE STAND AS PEOPLE HEAD TO THE POLLS The 2016 Election will be one for the history books. From the scandals to the various intentional comments and hot mic incidents the election has surely kept America talking over the past year. Now as the day to cast the ballot has arrived, what are exit polls showing as America choses the next Commander in Chief? Polls are tightening showing gains for Donald Trump, as he continues his push for battleground states and traditionally blue states such as Iowa, Virginia, Michigan, Minnesota and Pennsylvania. Hillary Clinton is trying to put her email and private server troubles behind her as she makes the final push for the White House with “final hour ads”, which have been made possible from her late fundraising push. A Monday RealClearPolitics Poll showed an average of about a 2.9% lead for Clinton leading into Tuesday’s race when factoring in third-party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. When third-party candidates were removed from equation, that lead dropped to just above 2.5% for the National Race. A Fox News poll shows Clinton’s lead at 4% over Trump. Focus will not only be on the race to the White House – as congress is also up for grabs, and the race could be closer than the Presidential one. With approximately 1/3 of the Senate up for re-election, and many races with polls that are too close to call control could shift party lines and cause difficult for whichever candidate hits the lucky 270 electoral vote number.

Fox News Radio's SIMON OWEN - live from London

EUROPE AND THE U.S. ELECTION REAX AND PRE-REAX The outcome of the US election could have significant implications across the Atlantic in a continent which is already experiencing profound and destabilizing change. For Europe, Brexit was a body blow which some say will mark the beginning of the unraveling of the European Union project. But could the result of the US election hasten that unraveling? Every European government has signaled, openly or otherwise, that they favor a win by Mrs Clinton. The only exception is Viktor Orban's right-wing nationalist government in Hungary which has declared its support for Mr Trump. Almost all the main opposition parties in Europe have also indicated their support for Mrs Clinton. Only a handful of nationalist parties have declared their support for Mr Trump: Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, Nigel Farage in the UK and Marine Le Pen in France.

TOM JACKSON - author of "ENGINEERING: An Illustrated History from Ancient Craft to Modern Technology"

The thoughts and deeds of great achievers always make great stories. Each story relates a ponderable, a weighty problem that became an invention and changed our homes, our cities, our farms, and our lives. Combining engaging text with captivating images and helpful diagrams, renowned science writer Tom Jackson guides readers through time in "ENGINEERING: An Illustrated History from Ancient Craft to Modern Technology," the seventh book in this highly successful Ponderables™ series. The history of engineering is also the history of civilization. From aerospace, marine and computer applications to genetic, electrical, and robotics, engineering shapes our world and influences just about everything we see and do. Every civilization developed new technology, a particular set of tools, machines, and construction techniques. And each civilization—the Babylonians, ancient Egyptians, the Incas, and the Romans—all rose and fell thanks to their technology. Organized in chronological order ENGINEERING takes readers on a journey through milestone achievements in the fields of engineering

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