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Show Rundown for Friday, November 11th 2016
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CAMARA CLIFTON - (FOX News - political strategist with Clifton Network Partners )

WHAT’S NEXT FOR OBAMACARE? President-elect Donald Trump has made his intentions of taking-on ObamaCare clear and Congress has voted multiple times to repeal the law over the last six years. While President Obama has vetoed those attempts during his term, the new political atmosphere could change that – and Congress could repeal the law. In fact some speculate, Congress may not even need to intervene, and Mr. Trump might try to do this with the stroke of his own pen – and a potential first executive order.

Additionally, Mr. Trump could chose not to enforce provisions such as the individual mandate, or simply direct the appeal of House v. Burwell to be dropped. With the path unclear, what happens next for those currently covered under the Affordable Care Act?

Arts Across Connecticut with DOUG EVANS

What performances, musicals, play, and exhibits are a must-see for Connecticut residents? Doug has his weekly scoop.

Veteran's Day Essay Winners

KIMBERLY HAGGERTY (retired Air Force veteran) and MATTHEW BRAGONI (retired Army veteran)

Both talked about their involvement with the United Technologies "Coalition for Veterans" (UTC-4-Vets), an employee resource group at Pratt & Whitney, that strives to offer employee veterans and their families the tools and resources needed to be successful and excel in the workplace.


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