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Show Rundown for Friday, December 9th 2016
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BRYAN ROTELLA (Personal counselor to national industry business leaders on Affordable Care Act Health care and policy adviser to a leading national presidential campaign )

PRESIDENT-ELECT TRUMP’S PLANS TO MAKE HEALTH CARE GREAT AGAIN President-elect Trump’s intentions are clear when it comes to Obamacare: repeal it. But, what measures will the Trump administration take to replace it. An outright appeal of the health law is unlikely without bipartisan agreement, and while Senate Republicans hold a majority, it is short of the 60-vote "super majority" needed to topple President Obama’s signature legislation.

However, Congress could deploy a back-door maneuver to defund Obamacare using budget reconciliation. So what is next for healthcare in the United States? The Trump administration has outlined overall principles for reform. The President-elect has called for a solution that includes health savings accounts and greater state discretion in regulating health insurance and administering Medicaid, but not detailed proposals have emerged. The President-elect also plans to free carrier up to sell different products and take the responsibility of the Affordable Cara Act’s data entry off of doctors so they can focus on patient care. It is probable that a targeted attack on certain areas of Obamacare is more likely than a full repeal.

DOUG EVANS Arts Across Connecticut What is going on this weekend that you can't miss? What are the next up-and-coming musicals? What should you definitely buy tickets to see this month? Doug has all the answers!

MELODY BROOKE family therapist and author of, "Oh Wow This Changes Everything"

THE MOST COMMON "COUPLE FIGHTS" AND HOW CAN COUPLES WORK THROUGH THEM ONCE AND FOR ALL Even the most seemingly put together couples tend to rehash fights instead of working through them. And - good news for the Bickersons- it is perfectly normal and even healthy - so long as you work through the issues instead of constantly re-hashing. Some of the most common issues that most couples argue over: Money - attention - and multitasking. With the holidays in full swing and the travel and family times moving in - how can couples work through the most common fights and avoid a melt down at the holiday dinner table?

Hartford Mayor LUKE BRONIN -- In for a complete hour to talk about the pros and cons of rationalization

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