The Talk of Connecticut
Teen's death stuns Hartford community
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The fatal shooting of 15-year-old Keon Huff Jr. over the weekend in Hartford has stunned the community. On Tuesday's Brad & Dan Show, we'll delve into the story with the Rev. Henry Brown, one of the community activists, working to end this violence.

Meanwhile, another fence-climbing attempt at the White House is leaving people to wonder about the security at the USA's home to its president. Former Secret Service Special Agent In Charge, Robert Caltabianco, will lend perspective to the incidents.

And a new approach to improving workplace communication is on the horizon. Corporate Coach Mark Corbran of WB Luxe & Co. will explain.

Of course, we take your phone calls, and we have news, weather, sports and traffic with Cindy Weightman.

Brad Davis starts the morning off at 5 a.m., followed by Brad & Dan at 6 a.m.

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