Brad and Paul Schedule: April 15th

Start your week with Brad Davis and Paul Pacelli in a recap of the toll rally and events from this weekend! Here’s what’s on tap this morning!

  • LEN SUZIO, FORMER STATE SENATOR will share two announcements this week that should have a dramatic impact on tolls debate.
  • DAVID LIGHTMAN, National Political Correspondent and Veteran Congressional Reporter for McClatchy Newspapers, will update us on National news.
  • REPRESENTATIVE LAURA DEVLIN, to discuss: Not only will commuters be impacted, but local companies that have drivers will be as well, like (Meriden-based) Tuxis Ohrs Fuel. The family owned business delivers gas and home heating oil, and their trucks drive about 2 million miles a year. “We are getting very nervous, we estimate the cost to our business to about $400,000 in tolls,” said Kate Childs, who runs the business with her father.
  • CORISE MORRISON, WEATHER DAMAGE EXPERT AND EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF RESIDUAL MARKETS FOR USAA. Just in time for flooding season, Corise Morrison an expert to share timely information about being prepared!