Judge Jeanine Pirro

The firebranding Judge Jeanine Pirro joined the program with Gary Byron to talk about her new book, the state of the world, and everything in between.

State Rep Chris Davis

State Rep Chris Davis joined Gary Byron on the air to talk about the upcoming special session, what bills are being looked at, and so much more.

State Senator Kevin Witkos

State  Senator Kevin Witkos joined the show to talk to Gary Byron about why police unions are EXTREMELY unhappy with Gov. Ned Lamont.

David X Sullivan

David X Sullivan is the endorsed candidate for the 5th District, and he joined Gary on the air to talk about everything that’s going on in the nation, where Johanna Hayes is, and why he wants to

Bill O’Reilly

The legendary Bill O’Reilly called in to talk with Gary Byron about his new “KILLING” book, the state of history being taught in this country, and the world in general.

State Senator Kevin Kelly

One of the foremost authorities on aging and elder care, State Senator Kevin Kelly joined the show to talk about Gov. Lamont’s failure of how he handled the nursing homes during the pandemic.

State Rep Tom Delnicki

State Rep Tom Delnicki, always a treat when he joins Gary on the air, came on to talk about the bills that could face votes during a special session and what existing bills could be changed.

State Republican Senate Leader Len Fasano

The leader of the Senate Republicans, Len Fasano joined Gary on the air to talk about his recent op -ed regarding the Gov’s orders, how he feels about fining CT residents for masks, and so much more.

Dr Virginia Bieluch

A listener favorite, Dr Virginia Bieluch, the Chief of Infectious Diseases at the Hospital for Central Connecticut joined Gary on the air to discuss all things coronavirus, how the state is faring in regards to others, Phase

State Rep Craig Fishbein

There are multiple lawsuits being brought against Gov Ned Lamont, but Craig Fishbein and fellow State Rep Doug Dubistky are bringing forward against Gov Lamont’s NEW order issuing fines against anyone who isn’t wearing a mask!