Bruce DePrest

The Chief Meteorologist at Channel 3 WFSB joined Gary on the air to talk about the weather we’ve been having the last couple of weeks, as well as what to expect for hurricane season.

Victoria Eloise with Gary Byron

In a stunning interview, Victoria Eloise joined Gary on the air to break down some VERY shady deals done all over the state of Connecticut, including with our very own Governor’s wife!

Comm. of Early Childhood Beth Bye

There is the potential of losing over 45,000 child care workers spots because of the coronavirus and the Comm. of Early Childhood Beth Bye joined Gary Byron to talk about it.

Joe Markley

Joe Markley wrote a fantastic op-ed about the renovations of the XL Center, and why everything around that should be put on hold. He explains to Gary on air.

Comm. of DEMHAS Miriam Delphin-Rittmon

Miriam Delphin Rittmon is the Commissioner of Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, and she joined Gary Byron on the air to talk about how mental health is so important during the coronavirus.

Cromwell Mayor Enzo Faizena

Gary Byron talked to Cromwell Mayor Enzo Faizena about his strong letter to Gov. Lamont about re-opening the state.

State Senator Craig Miner

State Senator Craig Miner, who is the ranking member of environment, joined Gary Byron on the air to talk about the rules that DEEP is trying to enforce.

President of Yankee Institute Carol Platt Liebau

There’s always talk about non-essential businesses, but the President of the Yankee Institute Carol Platt Liebau joined Gary to talk non essential government!

State Senator Kevin Kelly

State Senator Kevin Kelly joined the program with Gary to talk about the State Department of Public Health’s failure when it comes to nursing homes all over the state.

Paul Tyler from Nassau Re-Imagine

There’s a million and one ways to spend money during this coronavirus pandemic, what about the ways to GET money? Paul Tyler, CMO of Nassau Re-Imagine, explains on Gary’s show.