State Senator George Logan

State Senator George Logan was part of an expert panel discussing police accountability, as well as what can be done on the civilian and legislative level, and he joined Gary on the air to explain further.  

Joe Markley

The state budget is a heap of trouble right now with all of the coronavirus costs that are racking up more and more dollars against it, and former Lt. Gov candidate Joe Markley came on with Gary

Michael Barbaro, Fmr. President of CT Realtors

People are flocking to Connecticut away from New York in the wake of the coronavirus, and Michael Barbaro, the former President of Connecticut Realtors joined Gary Byron to discuss why this is happening.

Kelly Sadler, Former Special Assistant to President Trump

Kelly Sadler is the Commucations Director at America First Action, and she was also a special assistant to President Trump, where she was in charge of surrogate and coalition outreach. She joined Gary on the air to

State Rep. Jason Perillo

The nursing homes have been hit HARD by the coronavirus, and State Rep Jason Perillo joined Gary Byron on the air to talk about what steps are being taken to prevent further damage.

President of Young Republicans Ken Langille

There’s a LOT of upcoming races coming up in the Senate and House, and Ken Langille, who is the President of the Connecticut Young Republicans, joined Gary to talk about it.

State Rep Cara Pavalock

Gov. Lamont is involved in lawsuits everywhere he turns, and State Rep. Cara Pavalock joined Gary Byron on air to talk about it.

Lauren Danner from Teach Dot Org

Lauren Danner was the 2017 Connecticut Teacher of the year, and she joined Gary Byron on the air to talk about how Teach Dot Org is helping recruit teachers!

Pastor Joel Rissinger

With people trying to return back to church, Pastor Joel Rissinger joined Gary Byron to talk about the very importance of church, talking to a man of the cloth, and how it can help in many ways.

State Rep Gail Lavielle

There is a LOT of missing money from the feds that were delivered to Connecticut, and State Rep Gail Lavielle joined Gary on the air to talk about where it could have gone.