State Rep. Tom Delenicki with Gary Byron

State Rep. Tom Delnicki joined Gary on the air to talk about the energy and power companies making sure that they won’t cut your power off during the coronavirus outbreak.

President of CCDL Holly Sullivan

There’s a new addition to the “red flag bill” which will eventually make the legislation  have a hearing regarding it, and President of the CCDL Holly Sullivan explains what really will go down.

Rep. Dave Rutigliano with Gary Byron

There’s a possibility, next year, that schools will change their start times to make sure that students are getting more sleep. Rep. Dave Rutigliano, who championed the bill, explains.

Candidate for the 5th District Rueben Rodriguez

A candidate for the 5th District in the state, Rueben Rodriguez joined Gary to talk about why he decided to run and why he thinks he’s the best choice.

Pastor Joel Rissinger with Gary Byron

Socalism is the hot topic these days, and everyone is wondering if it really can work. Pastor Joel Rissinger explains why that isn’t so.

House Minority Leader Themis Klarides

There’s some deep cleaning going on at the Capital building, along with a bonding bill that’s being discussed! Themis Klarides joined Gary to talk about it all.

Senator George Logan with Gary Byron

The cost of dying might go up…again. The cremation tax has a hearing today, and Senator George Logan joined Gary on air to talk about it.

State Rep. Doug Dubitsky with Gary

State Rep. Doug Dubitsky joined the program with Gary to talk about the new red flag laws and all that it entails.

Ken Langille from CT Young Republicans

Ken Langille from CT Young Republicans joined Gary on the air to talk about things going on with the Young Republicans, and what the group does!

State Sen. Kevin Witkos with Gary Byron

There’s a LOT going on up at the Capital during this short session, and State Sen. Kevin Witkos  joined Gary on the air to talk about all the bills we can look forward to.