Brad and Paul Schedule: January 30th

It’s Wednesday, We’re Halfway Through The Week! Let’s Keep It Rolling With The Legendary Brad Davis And The Entertaining Yet Informative Paul Pacelli: – Lee Elci and Lori Hopkins-Cavanagh from our sister station, 94.3 News Now will

Brad and Paul Schedule: January 24th

It’s Thursday and Brad and Paul are just about ready to go! Here’s what’s coming up today on the show: – PATRICK SASSER from the anti-tolls coalition www.NoTollsCT.org will talk about: Greenwich Democrat files bill to bring

Brad and Paul Schedule: January 23rd

We’ve reached Hump Day! And Brad and Paul have a very special episode for y’all! – STATE AUDITOR ROB KANE will talk about: State auditors, ‘stonewalled’ from information, seek more access. The state’s two independent auditors are