Chief Meteorologist Bruce DePrest

It’s been a WEIRD winter, and Chief Meteorologist from Channel 3, Bruce DePrest joined Gary to talk all about it.

State Rep. Cara Pavalock with Gary Byron

A new bill that would allow certain crimes to be expunged from people’s records is drawing a lot of heat, and State Rep. Cara Pavalock joined Gary on air to talk about it.

CBIA Counsel Michelle Rakebrand with Gary Byron

There’s a push by State Comptroller Kevin Lembo and a number of Democrat lawmakers to resurrect controversial state run healthcare insurance…CBIA Assistant Counsel Michelle Rakebrand joined Gary to talk about why that’s a bad idea.

State Senator Dan Champagne with Gary Byron

There’s a proposed 35% ammo tax in the state of Connecticut, and State Senator Dan Champagne (who’s also a former police officer) joined Gary Byron to talk about why it’s a terrible idea.

John Lodge from the Moody Blues with Gary Byron

Ahead of his concert at the Infinity Hall in Hartford next week, John Lodge called in to talk with Gary about the history of the Moody Blues.

State Senator Eric Berthel with Gary

Democrats are receiving blowback because of their failed tolls plan…Eric Berthel explains.

Sean Spicer with Gary Byron

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer joined Gary on the air to talk about his relationship with President Trump, what it was like being in the White House, and his new show debuting next week!

Rep. Stephen Harding with Gary Byron

Another thing that could potentially be banned in the state of Connecticut, styrofoam could be on the chopping block, Rep. Stephen Harding goes into more detail.

Senator Heather Sommers with Gary Byron

The controversial vaccine bill was debated in the state capitol yesterday and lawmakers barred any religious exemption to get kids vaccinated. Sen. Heather Sommers explains

Rep. Joe Poletta with Gary Byron

Some sneaky nonsense went down with the State Democrats over the weekend, and Rep. Joe Poletta joined Gary Byron about what they attempted to do.