Let’s talk about the new PSA the CCA will be airing this week. The role of essential workers and how the CCA fills an essential role for the families of the Archdiocese. 

Gary – Second Question – In light of these times what is the CCA offering in May to help out families

Also can you talk a little about the role of Mary in the life of Christ and significance of the mother son relationship as seen through the Church?

Gary – Third Question- CCA always responding to changing needs and environments. Can you tell our listeners about the CCA revolutionized digital way of doing business.  The flexibility these new website capabilities –  manuals, tours, and contracts offers. Is this the most important change for the CCA in the last five years?

Gary – Fourth Question –   Things are different. No gatherings at Mass, funerals, burials. How do you see the near future and distant future of Catholics celebrating their faith? Are there plans to accommodate the social distancing in events such as Mass? Baptisms? The domestic Church role?