CFB/Foodshare Megrger – NEMusicians Relief Fund – Fairfield County's Givig Day

Today we’re celebrating the merger of Foodshare and Connecticut Food Bank which just launched this historic union between the state’s two largest nonprofit anti-hunger organizations. We’ll hear all about it and let you know how to help – or get help if you or someone you love is going hungry in Connecticut.

Then we’ll queue up the chairman of the New England Musicians Relief Fund, which has launched an initiative to reach $500,000 in donations by March 13 – the one year anniversary of when COVID-19 shut down the entertainment industry, putting thousands of professional and part-time music makers out of work.

And we’ll remind you to engage yourself on February 25 as Fairfield County’s Community Foundation launches Fairfield County’s 8th Annual Giving Day – the  region’s biggest philanthropic event uniting thousands of people to make a BIG impact and strengthen the communities where we live and work

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