Circle of Care – Junior Achievement GFC – Fairfield County's Community Foundation

Today we continue our deeper dive showcasing how local agencies and human service programs are maintaining, surviving, and continuing to serve in a COVID-19 world.

Home confinement doesn’t compare to childhood cancer patients and their families struggling with cancer and coronavirus. So meet the founder of Circle of Care, providing assistance to meet the unique and challenging needs of pediatric cancer treatment statewide. 

Then we’ll check in with Junior Achievement of Greater Fairfield County to tout their innovative programs to help young people chart a financially literate course for life.

And we’ll close with a broader glimpse of COVID-related need with the Fairfield County Community Foundation, which set up a Are you experiencing reductions in services from a local nonprofit that’s pressed to make  COVID-related cutbacks?

Check our chat with the Fairfield County’s Community Foundation​,, which is ramping up a COVID-19 Resiliency Fund to help dozens of critical nonprofits survive through this unprecedented public health emergency.

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