Techstars Startup Week @ SHU – Marijuana Policy Project – AARP Connecticut / Livable Communities

Meet the Dean from the Jack Welch College of Business & Technology at Sacred Heart University talking about Techstars Startup Week – a free five-day virtual conference open to the public starting Monday and hosted by SHU featuring inspirational mentors, entrepreneurs, professors, and industry experts from across the nation.
Then we’re bringing back the senior legislative counsel at the Marijuana Policy Project which funds the CT Coalition to Regulate Marijuana to catch up on news about the state’s continuing efforts to legalize recreational pot use and access, and get the latest following a virtual forum on the subject with a panel of diverse legalization proponents.
And we’ll wrap checking in again with our friends from AARP Connecticut, which has selected five Livable Communities Grant recipients that will complete quick-action projects across Connecticut that will help make immediate improvements or jumpstart long-term progress that will support residents.

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