The Patient is U Foundation – Back Yard Beekeepers Assoc. – CT Lead Poisoning Prevention and Control Program

We’re replaying a segment reminding residents about the lingering dangers of lead with an environmental sanitarian from Meriden – who plays a role in a larger statewide effort to remind residents about the dangers posed by lead. We’ll learn all the places where lead could still be lurking in places where kids and others could still be exposed – and how that lead exposure can be remediated forever.
Then we’ll catch a buzz with the Back Yard Beekeepers Association and learn why becoming even a simple backyard beekeeper could be one of the best holiday gifts you can give yourself, your family, your community and the environment – and why its the best time of year to get into beekeeping.
Finally, Have you ever had a bad experience with an uncaring medical professional? Then meet The Patient Is U Foundation – Helping medical practitioners enhance humanistic, compassionate patient care with unsurpassed “customer service” and sharing its philosophies with patients as well as institutional and non-institutional healthcare providers – anyone who comes into contact with patients or their families. 

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